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Stanisic, J. 2018. Revision of the land snail genus Pallidelix Iredale, 1933 with the description of new species from the central highlands of inland Queensland (Gastropoda: Eupulmonata: Camaenidae). Memoirs of the Queensland Museum - Nature 60: 193-226

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References for selected publication in Australian Faunal Directory
Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
MOLLUSCA CAMAENIDAE Helix greenhilli Cox, 1866 synonym Pallidelix greenhilli (Cox, 1866) Type Data 197
MOLLUSCA CAMAENIDAE Hudson’s Woodland Snail Common Name Pallidelix simonhudsoni Stanisic, 2015 216, Figs 12G, 16A-B
MOLLUSCA CAMAENIDAE Pallidelix Iredale, 1933 Valid Name Pallidelix Iredale, 1933 Introduction 195
MOLLUSCA CAMAENIDAE Pallidelix expeditiana Stanisic, 2018 synonym Pallidelix expeditiana Stanisic, 2018 Primary 201, Figs 6D-F, 7A, 8, 9A-F, 19B,E,H
MOLLUSCA CAMAENIDAE Pallidelix grandis Stanisic, 2018 synonym Pallidelix grandis Stanisic, 2018 Primary 216, Figs 15A-C, 17A
MOLLUSCA CAMAENIDAE Pallidelix lambkinae Stanisic, 2018 synonym Pallidelix lambkinae Stanisic, 2018 Primary 210, Figs 7D, 11D-F, 12E, 13, 19F
MOLLUSCA CAMAENIDAE Pallidelix lonesome Stanisic, 2018 synonym Pallidelix lonesome Stanisic, 2018 Primary 199, Figs 4, 6A-C, 12B, 19A
MOLLUSCA CAMAENIDAE Pallidelix minerva Stanisic, 2018 synonym Pallidelix minerva Stanisic, 2018 Primary 217, Figs 7E, 12H, 15D-F, 19D
MOLLUSCA CAMAENIDAE Pallidelix moffatt Stanisic, 2018 synonym Pallidelix moffatt Stanisic, 2018 Primary 211, Figs 7E, 11G-I, 12F
MOLLUSCA CAMAENIDAE Pallidelix potteri Stanisic, 2018 synonym Pallidelix potteri Stanisic, 2018 Primary 206, Figs 6G-I, 7B, 12C, 19C
MOLLUSCA CAMAENIDAE Pallidelix staricki Stanisic, 2018 synonym Pallidelix staricki Stanisic, 2018 Primary 209, Figs 7C, 11A-C, 12D, 19G
MOLLUSCA CAMAENIDAE Pallidelix zamia Stanisic, 2018 synonym Pallidelix zamia Stanisic, 2018 Primary 218, Figs 12I, 15G-I

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