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Jordan, D.S. & Starks, E.C. 1904. List of fishes dredged by the Steamer Albatross off the coast of Japan in the summer of 1900, with descriptions of new species and a review of the Japanese Macrouridae. Bulletin of the United States Fish Commission 22: 577-628 figs 1-52 pls 1-8

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Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
CHORDATA BOTHIDAE Engyprosopon iijimae Jordan & Starks, 1904 synonym Psettina iijimae (Jordan & Starks, 1904) Primary 626, pl.8 (fig.1)
CHORDATA PLEURONECTIDAE Alaeops plinthus Jordan & Starks, 1904 synonym Poecilopsetta plinthus (Jordan & Starks, 1904) Primary 623, pl.5 (fig.2)

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