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Gray, J.E. 1843. List of the Specimens of Mammalia in the Collection of the British Museum. London : British Museum xxviii 216 pp. [publication date established from Duncan, F.M. 1937. On the dates of publication of the Society's 'Proceedings', 1859–1926. With an appendix containing the dates of publication of 'Proceedings', 1830–1858, compiled by the late F.H. Waterhouse, and of the 'Transactions', 1853–1869, by the late Henry Peavot, originally published in P.Z.S. 1893, 1913. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 107: 71–84]

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Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
CHORDATA MACROPODIDAE Halmaturus emiliae Gray, 1843 synonym Notamacropus eugenii derbianus (J.E. Gray, 1837) Primary 90
CHORDATA MACROPODIDAE Kangurus lanosus Gray, 1843 synonym Osphranter rufus (Desmarest, 1822) Primary 88
CHORDATA MACROPODIDAE Macropus (Halmaturus) greyi Gray, 1843 synonym Notamacropus greyi (Waterhouse, 1845) (extinct) Primary 90
CHORDATA MACROPODIDAE Macropus (Halmaturus) parma Gray, 1843 synonym Notamacropus parma (Waterhouse, 1845) Primary 91
CHORDATA MACROPODIDAE Onichogalea Gray, 1843 synonym Onychogalea Gray, 1841 Primary 88
CHORDATA MURIDAE Hapalotis gouldii Gray, 1843 synonym Mesembriomys gouldii gouldii (J.E. Gray, 1843) Primary 116
CHORDATA PERAMELIDAE Perameles affinis Waterhouse, 1846 synonym Isoodon obesulus affinis Waterhouse, 1846 Secondary source 96
CHORDATA PETAURIDAE Petaurus cunninghami Gray, 1843 synonym Petaurus australis Shaw, 1791 Primary 83
CHORDATA POTOROIDAE Bettongia gouldii Gray, 1843 synonym Unplaced Synonym(s) Primary 94
CHORDATA PSEUDOCHEIRIDAE Ptenos Gray, 1843 synonym Pseudocheirus Ogilby, 1837 Primary xxii
CHORDATA THYLACINIDAE Paracyon Gray, 1843 synonym Thylacinus Temminck, 1824 Primary 97
CHORDATA VESPERTILIONIDAE Scotophilus greyii J.E. Gray, 1843 synonym Scotorepens greyii (J.E. Gray, 1843) Primary 30

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