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Selby, P.J. 1840. A Catalogue of the Generic and Sub-generic Types of the Class Aves, Birds, arranged according to the Natural System. Newcastle : T. & J. Hodgson 70 pp.

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References for selected publication in Australian Faunal Directory
Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
CHORDATA ACCIPITRIDAE Haliastur Selby, 1840 synonym Haliastur Selby, 1840 Primary 2 (note), 3
CHORDATA COLUMBIDAE Columba chalcoptera Latham, 1790 Type Species subsequent designation Phaps (Phaps) Selby, 1835 40
CHORDATA COLUMBIDAE Columba phasianella Temminck, 1821 Type Species subsequent designation Macropygia (Macropygia) Swainson, 1837 40
CHORDATA COLUMBIDAE Ptilinopus Swainson, 1825 synonym Ptilinopus Swainson, 1825 Secondary source
CHORDATA PODICIPEDIDAE Poliocephalus Selby, 1840 synonym Poliocephalus Selby, 1840 Primary 47
CHORDATA ALCEDINIDAE Todiramphus Lesson, 1827 synonym Todiramphus (Todiramphus) Lesson, 1827 Secondary source
CHORDATA CACATUIDAE Psittacus banksii Latham, 1790 Type Species subsequent designation Calyptorhynchus (Calyptorhynchus) Desmarest, 1826 25
CHORDATA CACATUIDAE Psittacus novaehollandiae Gmelin, 1788 Type Species subsequent designation Nymphicus Wagler, 1832 27
CHORDATA CHARADRIIDAE Squaterola Selby, 1840 synonym Pluvialis Brisson, 1760 Primary
CHORDATA ARTAMIDAE Coronica Gould, 1837 synonym Strepera (Strepera) Lesson, 1830 Secondary source 16
CHORDATA LARIDAE Larus canus Linnaeus, 1758 Type Species subsequent designation Larus Linnaeus, 1758 48
CHORDATA PROCELLARIIDAE Procellaria forsteri Latham, J., 1790 Type Species subsequent designation Pachyptila Illiger, 1811 49
CHORDATA MELIPHAGIDAE Ptilotes Selby, 1840 synonym Meliphaga (Meliphaga) Lewin, 1808 Primary

Showing references 1 to 13 on page 1 of 1.