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Szépligeti, G. 1910. E. Jacobons'sche Hymenopteren aus Java und Krakatau. Braconiden und Ichneumoniden. Notes from the Leyden Museum 32: 85-104

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Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
ARTHROPODA BRACONIDAE Bitomus Szépligeti, 1910 synonym Bitomus Szépligeti, 1910 Primary
ARTHROPODA ICHNEUMONIDAE Atropha apicalis Szépligeti, 1910 synonym Leptobatopsis indica (Cameron, 1897) Primary 101
ARTHROPODA ICHNEUMONIDAE Henicospilus batavianus Szépligeti, 1910 synonym Enicospilus melanocarpus Cameron, 1905 Primary 92
ARTHROPODA ICHNEUMONIDAE Trichomella Szépligeti, 1910 synonym Trichomma Wesmael, 1849 Primary 91
ARTHROPODA ICHNEUMONIDAE Trichomella clavipes (Krieger, 1904) Generic Combination Trichomma clavipes Krieger, 1904

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