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O'Hara, T. D. & Thuy, B. 2022. Biogeography and taxonomy of Ophiuroidea (Echinodermata) from the Îles Saint-Paul and Amsterdam in the southern Indian Ocean. Zootaxa 5124(1): 1-49

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References for selected publication in Australian Faunal Directory
Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
ECHINODERMATA OPHIACANTHIDAE Ophiolebes yaldwyni (Fell, 1958) Generic Combination Ophiolebes yaldwyni (Fell, 1958)
ECHINODERMATA OPHIACANTHIDAE Ophiosabine O'Hara & Thuy, 2022 synonym Ophiosabine O'Hara & Thuy, 2022 Primary
ECHINODERMATA OPHIACANTHIDAE Ophiosabine densispina (Mortensen, 1936) Generic Combination Ophiosabine densispina (Mortensen, 1936)
ECHINODERMATA OPHIACANTHIDAE Ophiosabine rosea (Lyman, 1878) Generic Combination Ophiosabine rosea (Lyman, 1878)
ECHINODERMATA OPHIACANTHIDAE Ophiosabine vivipara (Ljungman, 1870) Generic Combination Ophiosabine vivipara (Ljungman, 1870) 17
ECHINODERMATA OPHIACANTHIDAE Ophiosemnotes conferta (Koehler, 1922) Generic Combination Ophiosemnotes conferta (Koehler, 1922)
ECHINODERMATA OPHIOCOMIDAE Ophiocomella A.H. Clark, 1939 Valid Name Ophiocomella A.H. Clark, 1939 Introduction 16
ECHINODERMATA OPHIOTOMIDAE Ophiotreta spectabilis (G.O. Sars, 1872) Generic Combination Ophiotreta spectabilis (G.O. Sars, 1872) 28

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