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Balushkin, A.V. & Prirodina, V.P. 2006. A new species of eel cods Muraenolepis trunovi sp. nova (Muraenolepididae) from the Lazarev Sea with redescription of lectotypes Muraenolepis marmorata Günther, 1880 and M. microps (Lönnberg, 1905). Voprosy Ikhtiologii 46(6): 725-731 [in Russian. English translation in J. Ichthyol..46 (9): 687-693]

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Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
CHORDATA MURAENOLEPIDIDAE Muraenolepis marmoratus Günther, 1880 synonym Muraenolepis marmorata Günther, 1880 Type Data 727
CHORDATA MURAENOLEPIDIDAE Muraenolepis microcephala Norman, 1937 [species name treated as an adjective, but derivation is from the Greek kephale = head and Norman treated name as a noun in apposition, with a masculine ending associated with a feminine genus] Miscellaneous Literature Name Notomuraenobathys microcephalus (Norman, 1937) 725

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