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Hanamura, Y. 1998. Gastrosaccini mysids from Australia, with a description of a new species of Haplostylus and a key to species of the genus (Crustacea: Mysidacea). Records of the Western Australian Museum 19: 153-168

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Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
ARTHROPODA MYSIDAE Haplostylus indicus (Hansen, 1910) Generic Combination Haplostylus indicus (Hansen, 1910)
ARTHROPODA MYSIDAE Haplostylus pacificus (Hansen, 1912) Generic Combination Haplostylus pacificus (Hansen, 1912)
ARTHROPODA MYSIDAE Haplostylus parvus (Hansen, 1910) Generic Combination Haplostylus parvus (Hansen, 1910)
ARTHROPODA MYSIDAE Haplostylus queenslandensis (Bacescu & Udrescu, 1982) Generic Combination Haplostylus queenslandensis (Bacescu & Udrescu, 1982)
ARTHROPODA MYSIDAE Haplostylus robusta (Panampunnayil, 1989) Generic Combination Haplostylus robusta (Panampunnayil, 1989)
ARTHROPODA MYSIDAE Haplostylus tenuicaudus Hanamura, 1998 synonym Haplostylus tenuicaudus Hanamura, 1998 Primary 160, figs 5-8

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