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Bousquet, Y. 2002. Additions and corrections to the world catalogue of genus-group names of Geadephaga (Coleoptera) published by Wolfgang Lorenz (1998). Folia Heyrovskyana Suppl.(9): 1-78

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Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
ARTHROPODA CARABIDAE Deipyrodes Bousquet, 2002 synonym Deipyrodes Bousquet, 2002 Primary
ARTHROPODA CARABIDAE Deipyrodes palustris [Deipyrus is preoccupied by a curculionid] Generic Combination Deipyrodes palustris (Sloane, 1910)
ARTHROPODA CARABIDAE Desera Dejean, 1825 synonym Drypta Latreille, 1796 Secondary source

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