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Machida, Y. 2000. A new bythitid genus and species, Acarobythites larsonae, from shallow rocky reefs off northern Australia (Pisces, Ophidiiformes, Bythitidae). The Beagle. Occasional Papers of the Northern Territory Museum of Arts and Sciences 16: 123-126 figs 1-4

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Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
CHORDATA BYTHITIDAE Acarobythites Machida, 2000 synonym Acarobythites Machida, 2000 Primary 123
CHORDATA BYTHITIDAE Acarobythites larsonae Machida, 2000 synonym Acarobythites larsonae Machida, 2000 Primary 125, figs 1-4
CHORDATA BYTHITIDAE Ematops randalli (Cohen & Wourms, 1976) Valid Name Ematops randalli (Cohen & Wourms, 1976) Introduction 124

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