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Koehler, R. 1900. Illustrations of the shallow-water Ophiuroidea collected by the Royal Indian Marine Survey ship Investigator. Calcutta : Indian Museum 4 pp, pls 15-21.

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References for selected publication in Australian Faunal Directory
Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
ECHINODERMATA AMPHIURIDAE Amphioplus (Lymanella) depressus (Ljungman, 1867) Valid Name Amphioplus (Lymanella) depressus (Ljungman, 1867) Introduction pl. 16(15-16)
ECHINODERMATA OPHIACANTHIDAE Ophiacantha indica Ljungman, 1867 Valid Name Ophiacantha indica Ljungman, 1867 Introduction pl. 16(10-12)
ECHINODERMATA OPHIODERMATIDAE Ophiarachnella sphenisci (Bell, 1894) Valid Name Ophiarachnella sphenisci (Bell, 1894) Introduction pl. 15(1-2)
ECHINODERMATA OPHIOLEPIDIDAE Ophiolepis rugosa Koehler, 1898 Valid Name Ophiolepis rugosa Koehler, 1898 Introduction pl. 15(8-9)
ECHINODERMATA OPHIOPSILIDAE Ophiopsila pantherina Koehler, 1898 Valid Name Ophiopsila pantherina Koehler, 1898 Introduction pl. 16(13-14)
ECHINODERMATA OPHIURIDAE Ophiura (Dictenophiura) kinbergi (Ljungman, 1866) Valid Name Ophiura (Dictenophiura) kinbergi (Ljungman, 1866) Introduction pl. 15(6-7)

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