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Dr Kathryn Hall summary

Note that this list may be incomplete for dates prior to September 2013.

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Publication Date Taxon Assignees
29-Mar-2018 PORIFERA Grant, 1836 Dr Kathryn Hall
06-Sep-2017 "TURBELLARIA" Dr Kathryn Hall Dr Alberto Venchi
29-Nov-2016 XENACOELOMORPHA Philippe, Brinkmann, Copley, Moroz, Nakano, Poustka, Wallberg, Peterson & Telford, 2011 Dr Kathryn Hall (QM) Dr Haylee Weaver (ABRS)
17-Aug-2015 "TURBELLARIA" Dr Kathryn Hall
18-Sep-2014 "TURBELLARIA" Dr Kathryn Hall

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