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Species Sepia pharaonis Ehrenberg, 1831

Pharaoh Cuttlefish

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2012 - Updated by Julian Finn, Museum Victoria, Carlton, Victoria, Australia




Northern Territory, Queensland, Western Australia

Extra Distribution Information

Northern Australia from Western Australia, Monte Bello Island, 20º26'S 115º37'E to at least Queensland, Townsville, 19º16'S 146º41'E including Gulf of Carpentaria. Depth range 5-130 m.

IBRA and IMCRA regions (map not available)


Northern Shelf Province (25), Northwest Shelf Transition (26), Northwest Shelf Province (27), Northeast Shelf Transition (41)

Ecological Descriptors

Benthic, continental shelf, predator.


Common Name References

Norman, M. 2000. Cephalopods, a world guide. Hakenheim : ConchBooks 320 pp. [71] (Pharaoh Cuttlefish)


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