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Family DISCOCOTYLIDAE Price, 1936


The Discocotylidae are characterised as follows: Body or haptor sometimes be asymmetrical. Clamps never more than 8 in number; clamp bivalved, skeleton consisting of dorsal and ventral arms and U-shaped median spring, with or without paired median accessory sclerites, or cup-shaped and not bivalved. A terminal or subterminal lappet often present, bearing one to three pairs of anchors. Eyes absent. Intestine usually bifurcate; crura with diverticula, may or may not be united posteriorly. Testes numerous, exceptionally single, compact or lobed. Cirrus or gential atrium armed or unarmed. ovary elongated, more or less winding, pre-, inter-, or posttesticular. Vagina present or absent. Vitellaria largely or entirely co-extensive with intestine. Type genus: Discocotyle Diesing, 1859.

Two Discocotylidae genera are respresented in Australia. They are parasites of fishes (Yamaguti, 1963).


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