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Diospyros ellipticifolia Bakh., nom. alt. CHAH (2011), Australian Plant Census Maba elliptica J.R.Forst. & G.Forst., legitimate (1775) taxonomic synonymDiospyros elliptica (J.R.Forst. & G.Forst.) P.S.Green, nom. illeg. (1969) taxonomic synonymMaba major G.Forst., legitimate (1786) taxonomic synonymMaba maior G.Forst., orth. var. (1786) taxonomic synonymDiospyros major (G.Forst.) Bakh., nom. alt. (1936) taxonomic synonymFerreola ellipticifolia Stokes, nom. illeg. (1812) taxonomic synonym
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Qld, NSW
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R.C.Bakhuizen van den Brink, Bull. Jard. Bot. Buitenzorg Ser. 3 15: 429, adnot (1936), proposes two alternative names for a single taxon, namely Diospyros ellipticifolia and D. major. Since this publication was prior to 1st January 1953 (ICBN Art. 34.2 (2006)), both names are valid.
"Juxta Cudnaka."

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