Vascular Plants

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Gibson, N. (1 July 2016), Western Australian plant taxa not collected for more than 50 years. Nuytsia 27 : 139-164 (Paper) Gibson, N. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Baeckea sp. Lake Brown (E.Merrall s.n. 1889) WA Herbarium
  2. Baeckea sp. Stirling Range (H.Steedman s.n. 03/1933) WA Herbarium
  3. Baeckea sp. Upper Swan (Miss M.Eaton s.n. 1888) WA Herbarium
  4. Baeckea sp. Yorkrakine (C.A.Gardner s.n. 09/1933) WA Herbarium
  5. Darwinia divisa Keighery & N.G.Marchant
  6. Eremophila glabra subsp. Morawa (C.A.Gardner 7521)
  7. Eremophila glabra subsp. Rason Lake (R.D.Royce 5582)
  8. Eremophila sp. Murgoo (S.J.J.Davies s.n. 15/8/1960) WA Herbarium
  9. Grevillea sp. Shark Bay (N.H.Speck 24/09/1953)
  10. Gyrostemon sp. Bolgart (C.A.Gardner 8700) WA Herbarium
  11. Hemigenia sp. major (C.A.Gardner 2677) WA Herbarium
  12. Hypocalymma connatum Strid & Keighery
  13. Labichea deserticola J.H.Ross
  14. Labichea obtrullata J.H.Ross
  15. Lasiopetalum cenobium K.A.Sheph. & C.F.Wilkins
  16. Neotysonia phyllostegia (F.Muell.) Paul G.Wilson
  17. Prasophyllum gracillimum Nicholls
  18. Ptilotus sericostachyus subsp. roseus (Moq.) Benl
  19. Rhodanthe fuscescens (Turcz.) Paul G.Wilson
  20. Scholtzia sp. Nolba (E.Place s.n. Jan. 1964) WA Herbarium
  21. Senecio pinnatifolius var. leucocarpus I.Thomps.
  22. Sorghum plumosum var. teretifolium Lazarides
  23. Stenanthemum bilobum Rye
  24. Stenanthemum cristatum Rye
  25. Teucrium sp. Hutt River (W.H.Butler 54) WA Herbarium
  26. Thryptomene sp. Coolgardie (E.Kelso s.n. 1902) WA Herbarium
  27. Triodia prona Lazarides
  28. Verticordia sp. Dundas (C.A.Gardner 2848) WA Herbarium
  29. Vittadinia cervicularis var. oldfieldii N.T.Burb.

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