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Western Australian Herbarium (2013), FloraBase: the Western Australian Flora Version 2.8 : null - null (Database Record) Western Australian Herbarium Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Acacia bartleana Maslin
  2. Acacia sp. Minnie Creek (B.R.Maslin 5217) WA Herbarium
  3. Acacia sp. Mt Augustus (S.D.Hopper 3181) WA Herbarium
  4. Austrostipa sp. Booylgoo Range (A.Markey & S.Dillon 4581)
  5. Austrostipa sp. Carlingup Road (S.Kern & R.Jasper LCH 18459)
  6. Austrostipa sp. Marchagee (B.R.Maslin 1407)
  7. Austrostipa sp. Mt Holland (W.A.Thompson & J.Allen 948)
  8. Austrostipa sp. Ravensthorpe Range (A.Markey & J.Allen 6261)
  9. Baeckea sp. Lake Campion (A.Coates AC 2285) WA Herbarium
  10. Baeckea sp. Roundtop Hill (P.Armstrong 05/843) WA Herbarium
  11. Beaufortia sp. Column (J.S.Beard 8119) WA Herbarium
  12. Bonamia sp. Dampier (A.A.Mitchell PRP 217) WA Herbarium
  13. Calandrinia sp. Butchers Track (L.S.J.Sweedman 6608) WA Herbarium
  14. Calandrinia sp. Red sand dunes (F.Obbens & G.Marsh FO 20/11) WA Herbarium
  15. Calandrinia sp. Two Rocks (K.Richardson 211)
  16. Calandrinia sp. Warriedar (F.Obbens 04/09) WA Herbarium
  17. Callistemon sp. Prince Regent (W.O'Sullivan & D.Dureau WODD 71) WA Herbarium
  18. Caustis gigas Meney & K.W.Dixon
  19. Chamelaucium sp. Mingenew (A.Carr 115) WA Herbarium
  20. Chamelaucium sp. Mukinbudin (M.Squire 007) WA Herbarium
  21. Chamelaucium sp. Parker Range (B.H.Smith 1255) WA Herbarium
  22. Chamelaucium sp. S coastal plain (R.D.Royce 4872)
  23. Crinum sp. West Kimberley (J.A.Smith s.n. 7/1/1979) WA Herbarium
  24. Dampiera sp. Forrestania (F.Lullfitz L 4034) WA Herbarium
  25. Darwinia leiostyla subsp. Upland (W.Greuter 23111)
  26. Dicrastylis sp. Ilkurlka (R.Davis et al. RD 11637) WA Herbarium
  27. Epiblema grandiflorum subsp. cyaneum K.W.Dixon
  28. Epiblema grandiflorum var. cyanea K.W.Dixon
  29. Epiblema grandiflorum var. cyaneum K.W.Dixon
  30. Eragrostis sp. Yeelirrie Calcrete (S.Regan LCH 26770) WA Herbarium
  31. Eremophila battii subsp. Granite Peaks (A.Chapman & S.Fraser 7) WA Herbarium
  32. Eremophila forrestii subsp. inland (A.A.Mitchell PRP 1175) WA Herbarium
  33. Eremophila margarethae subsp. straight sepals (G.Cockerton & B.McLean 31310) WA Herbarium
  34. Eremophila sp. Ballythunna (R.Davis 11395) WA Herbarium
  35. Eremophila sp. Ironstone (G.Cockerton & B.McLean LCH 31311) WA Herbarium
  36. Eremophila sp. McDermid Rock (A.P.Brown 3615) WA Herbarium
  37. Eremophila sp. Plumridge Lakes (S.G.M.Carr 534) WA Herbarium
  38. Eremophila sp. Rothsay (D.Coultas & J.Kelt s.n. PERTH 08200440) WA Herbarium
  39. Eremophila sp. South Wubin (R.Davis 10648) WA Herbarium
  40. Eremophila sp. Wanna (M.J.Greeve & J.D.Start D7 44) WA Herbarium
  41. Eremophila sp. Yinnetharra (J.D.Start D7 45) WA Herbarium
  42. Eriachne sp. Dampier Peninsula (K.F.Kenneally 5946) WA Herbarium
  43. Eucalyptus absita Grayling & Brooker x Eucalyptus loxophleba Benth.
  44. Euphorbia L.
  45. Geleznowia sp. Binnu (K.A.Shepherd & J.Wege KS 1301) WA Herbarium
  46. Geleznowia sp. Marchagee (A.Crawford ADC 1353) WA Herbarium
  47. Geleznowia sp. Red Bluff (A.Crawford ADC 597) WA Herbarium
  48. Grevillea sp. Turee (J.Bull & G.Hopkinson ONS JJ 01.01)
  49. Grevillea synapheae subsp. A Flora of Australia (S.D.Hopper 6333) WA Herbarium
  50. Grevillea thelemanniana subsp. Cooljarloo (B.J.Keighery 28 B) WA Herbarium
  51. Halosarcia koobabbiensis Paczk. & A.R.Chapm.
  52. Halosarcia sp. (P.G.Wilson 12750)
  53. Halosarcia sp. Coorow (P.G.Wilson 12750) WA Herbarium
  54. Ipomoea sp. Carson Escarpment (A.S.George 13732)
  55. Ipomoea sp. Cascade Creek (R.L.Barrett & M.D.Barrett RLB 3738)
  56. Ipomoea sp. West Kimberley (R.L.Barrett & A.N.Start RLB 2359)
  57. Lasiopetalum sp. Fitzgerald (C.J.Robinson 1145)
  58. Leucopogon rigidus A.Cunn. ex DC.
  59. Microtis orbicularis subsp. cupped labellum (G.Brockman 684)
  60. Mitrasacme sp. Theda (K.Menkhorst s.n. 18/04/1988)
  61. Myriophyllum sp. Mt Arid (L.S.J.Sweedman 6767) WA Herbarium
  62. Pilbara trudgenii Lander
  63. Pityrodia sp. Marble Bar (G.Woodman & D.Coultas GWDS Opp 4) WA Herbarium
  64. Psoralea arborea Sims
  65. Pterostylis sp. fragile (S.Barrett 553)
  66. Pterostylis sp. late flowering (W.Jackson BJ298)
  67. Pterostylis sp. mid-west coast (G.Brockman GBB134)
  68. Pterostylis sp. yellow eared (W.Jackson BJ359)
  69. Rhagodia sp. Yeelirrie Station (K.A.Shepherd et al. KS 1396) WA Herbarium
  70. Sauropus sp. Koodaideri detritals (J.Naaykens & J.Hurter JH11213) WA Herbarium
  71. Scaevola sp. Waychinicup (E.M.Sandiford EMS 1336)
  72. Scholtzia sp. Billeranga Hills (B.J.Conn 2159) WA Herbarium
  73. Scholtzia sp. Yenyening Lakes (A.Gunness 2824) WA Herbarium
  74. Stackhousia nematomera W.R.Barker
  75. Tecticornia sp. Coorow (P.G.Wilson 12750) WA Herbarium
  76. Tephrosia sp. Clay soils (S.van Leeuwen et al. PBS 0273) WA Herbarium
  77. Tephrosia sp. Onslow (K.R.Newbey 10571) WA Herbarium
  78. Tephrosia sp. Sparse pinnae (C.R.Michell 2202) WA Herbarium
  79. Thelymitra paludosa Jeanes
  80. Thelymitra petrophila Jeanes
  81. Thelymitra sp. Brookton (A.S.George 11631)
  82. Thelymitra sp. Esperance (N.S.Lander 1080)
  83. Thelymitra sp. Slender Sun Orchid (A.R.Annels 2884)
  84. Thryptomene sp. Greenough River (J.Docherty 169) WA Herbarium
  85. Tripterococcus brachylobus W.R.Barker

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