Vascular Plants

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Barker, R.M. in Wilson, A.J.G. (ed.) (2013), Zygophyllaceae. Flora of Australia 26 : 511-579, 584 (Section) Barker, R.M. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. African Rue
  2. Clasping Twin-leaf
  3. Cork Hopbush
  4. Dillon Bush
  5. Dwarf Twin-leaf
  6. Gall Weed
  7. Harmal
  8. Kallstroemia affinis Beard
  9. Kallstroemia angustifolia (R.Br.) Engl.
  10. Kallstroemia astrocarpus Beard
  11. Kallstroemia bicolor (F.Muell.) Engl.
  12. Kallstroemia cistoides (L.) Endl.
  13. Kallstroemia curvicarpus Beard
  14. Kallstroemia hirsuta (Benth.) Engl.
  15. Kallstroemia hystrix (R.Br.) Engl.
  16. Kallstroemia macrocarpa (F.Muell. ex Benth.) Engl.
  17. Kallstroemia minuta (Leichh. ex Benth.) Engl.
  18. Kallstroemia pentandra (R.Br.) Engl.
  19. Kallstroemia platyptera (Benth.) Engl.
  20. Kallstroemia ranunculiflora (F.Muell.) Engl.
  21. Kallstroemia sect. Thamnozygium Engl.
  22. Kallstroemia solandri (R.Br.) Engl.
  23. Lobed Twin-leaf
  24. Nitraria L.
  25. Nitraria billardierei DC.
  26. Nitraria billardierii DC.
  27. Nitraria schoberi L.
  28. Nitraria schoberi var. billardierei (DC.) Kom.
  29. Nitraria schoberi var. billardieri Kom.
  30. Nitre Bush
  31. Pale Twin-leaf
  32. Peganum L.
  33. Peganum harmala L.
  34. Roella fruticulosa (DC.) Hereman
  35. Roepera A.Juss.
  36. Roepera ammophila (F.Muell.) Beier & Thulin
  37. Roepera ammophila F.Muell.
  38. Roepera angustifolia (H.Eichler) Beier & Thulin
  39. Roepera apiculata (F.Muell.) Beier & Thulin
  40. Roepera aurantiaca Lindl.
  41. Roepera aurantiaca subsp. cuneata (H.Eichler ex R.M.Barker) Beier & Thulin
  42. Roepera aurantiaca subsp. simplicifolia (H.Eichler ex R.M.Barker) Beier & Thulin
  43. Roepera aurantiaca subsp. verticillata (H.Eichler ex R.M.Barker) Beier & Thulin
  44. Roepera billardierei (DC.) G.Don
  45. Roepera compressa (J.M.Black) Beier & Thulin
  46. Roepera confluens (H.Eichler) Beier & Thulin
  47. Roepera crassissima (Ising) Beier & Thulin
  48. Roepera crenata (F.Muell.) Beier & Thulin
  49. Roepera eichleri (R.M.Barker) Beier & Thulin
  50. Roepera emarginata (H.Eichler) Beier & Thulin
  51. Roepera eremaea (Diels) Beier & Thulin
  52. Roepera fabagifolia A.Juss.
  53. Roepera flava (H.Eichler ex R.M.Barker) Beier & Thulin
  54. Roepera fruticulosa (DC.) G.Don
  55. Roepera glauca (F.Muell.) Beier & Thulin
  56. Roepera halophila (R.M.Barker) Beier & Thulin
  57. Roepera howittii (F.Muell.) Beier & Thulin
  58. Roepera humillima (M.Koch ex Tate) Beier & Thulin
  59. Roepera hybrida (Tate) Beier & Thulin
  60. Roepera iodocarpa (F.Muell.) Beier & Thulin
  61. Roepera kochii (Tate) Beier & Thulin
  62. Roepera lobulata (Benth.) Beier & Thulin
  63. Roepera marliesiae (R.M.Barker) Beier & Thulin
  64. Roepera ovata (Ewart & Jean White) Beier & Thulin
  65. Roepera prismatotheca (F.Muell.) Beier & Thulin
  66. Roepera reticulata (H.Eichler ex R.M.Barker) Beier & Thulin
  67. Roepera retivalvis (Domin) Beier & Thulin
  68. Roepera rowelliae (R.M.Barker) Beier & Thulin
  69. Roepera similis (H.Eichler) Beier & Thulin
  70. Roepera tesquorum (J.M.Black) Beier & Thulin
  71. Roepera tetraptera (H.Eichler ex R.M.Barker) Beier & Thulin
  72. Roepera zygophylloides F.Muell.
  73. Sarcozygium Bunge
  74. Shrubby Twin-leaf
  75. Square Twin-leaf
  76. Syrian Rue
  77. Tribulopis R.Br.
  78. Tribulopis affinis (W.Fitzg.) H.Eichler
  79. Tribulopis angustifolia R.Br.
  80. Tribulopis bicolor F.Muell.
  81. Tribulopis curvicarpa (W.Fitzg.) Keighery
  82. Tribulopis homalococca (Domin) R.M.Barker
  83. Tribulopis homalococca var. alifer (Domin) R.M.Barker
  84. Tribulopis homalococca (Domin) R.M.Barker var. homalococca
  85. Tribulopis pentandra R.Br.
  86. Tribulopis sessilis (Domin) H.Eichler
  87. Tribulopis solandri R.Br.
  88. Tribulopis sp. (Chillagoe C.E.Hubbard+ 6751)
  89. Tribulopis sp. (Weipa Mission R.L.Specht+ W296)
  90. Tribulopis sp. Koolan Island (K.F.Kenneally 8728) R.M.Barker
  91. Tribulopis sp. Mitchell Plateau (K.F.Kenneally 7935) WA Herbarium
  92. Tribulopis sp. aff. pentandra (Koolan Island)
  93. Tribulopis sp. aff. pentandra (Mitchell Plateau)
  94. Tribulopis sp. aff. solandri (Lizard Island)
  95. Tribulopsis F.Muell.
  96. Tribulus L.
  97. Tribulus ? hystrix (short-spined, smaller fruits) K.L.Wilson
  98. Tribulus ? occidentalis (smaller flowers and fruits) K.L.Wilson
  99. Tribulus acanthococcus F.Muell.
  100. Tribulus adelacanthus R.M.Barker
  101. Tribulus affinis W.Fitzg.
  102. Tribulus alatus Delile
  103. Tribulus angustifolius (R.Br.) Benth.
  104. Tribulus angustifolius var. clementii Domin
  105. Tribulus astrocarpus F.Muell.
  106. Tribulus bicolor (F.Muell.) F.Muell.
  107. Tribulus brownii F.Muell.
  108. Tribulus cistoides L.
  109. Tribulus curvicarpus W.Fitzg.
  110. Tribulus eichlerianus K.L.Wilson
  111. Tribulus forrestii F.Muell.
  112. Tribulus hirsutus Benth.
  113. Tribulus homalococcus Domin
  114. Tribulus homalococcus var. alifer Domin
  115. Tribulus hystrix R.Br.
  116. Tribulus lanatus R.Br. ex Walp.
  117. Tribulus leptophyllus F.M.Bailey
  118. Tribulus littoralis Sweet
  119. Tribulus macrocarpus F.Muell. ex Benth.
  120. Tribulus micrococcus Domin
  121. Tribulus minutus Leichh. ex Benth.
  122. Tribulus occidentalis R.Br.
  123. Tribulus pentandrus (R.Br.) Benth.
  124. Tribulus platypterus Benth.
  125. Tribulus ranunculiflorus F.Muell.
  126. Tribulus solandri (R.Br.) F.Muell.
  127. Tribulus solandri var. sessilis Domin
  128. Tribulus solandri var. typicus Domin
  129. Tribulus sp.
  130. Tribulus sp. A
  131. Tribulus sp. long-styled eichlerianus (A.S.George 10666) R.M.Barker
  132. Tribulus sp. saline flats (P.K.Latz 4530) R.M.Barker
  133. Tribulus suberosus R.M.Barker
  134. Tribulus suberosus H.Eichler ex R.M.Barker
  135. Tribulus subg. Tribulopis (R.Br.) F.Muell.
  136. Tribulus terrestris L.
  137. Tribulus terrestris (long style) R.M.Barker
  138. Tribulus terrestris (short style) R.M.Barker
  139. Tribulus terrestris var. cistoides (L.) Oliv.
  140. Tribulus terrestris var. macrocarpus Rouy
  141. Violet Twin-leaf
  142. Zygophyllaceae R.Br.
  143. Zygophyllum L.
  144. Zygophyllum "Lake Eyre" (K.Chorney 999) R.M.Barker
  145. Zygophyllum ammophilum F.Muell.
  146. Zygophyllum ammophilum F.Muell.
  147. Zygophyllum angustifolium H.Eichler
  148. Zygophyllum apiculatum F.Muell.
  149. Zygophyllum aurantiacum (Lindl.) F.Muell.
  150. Zygophyllum aurantiacum (Lindl.) F.Muell. subsp. aurantiacum
  151. Zygophyllum aurantiacum subsp. cuneatum H.Eichler ex R.M.Barker
  152. Zygophyllum aurantiacum subsp. simplicifolium H.Eichler ex R.M.Barker
  153. Zygophyllum aurantiacum subsp. verticillatum H.Eichler ex R.M.Barker
  154. Zygophyllum aurantiacum var. eremaeum (Diels) H.Eichler
  155. Zygophyllum australasicum Miq.
  156. Zygophyllum billardierei DC.
  157. Zygophyllum billardierei var. ammophilum F.Muell.
  158. Zygophyllum billardierei var. ammophilum (F.Muell.) J.M.Black
  159. Zygophyllum billardierei var. bilobum Benth.
  160. Zygophyllum billardierei var. stenophyllum F.Muell. ex Diels & E.Pritz.
  161. Zygophyllum billardieri var. bilobum Benth.
  162. Zygophyllum billardieri var. stenophyllum Diels & E.Pritz.
  163. Zygophyllum billardierii DC.
  164. Zygophyllum compressum J.M.Black
  165. Zygophyllum confluens H.Eichler
  166. Zygophyllum crassissimum Ising
  167. Zygophyllum crenatum F.Muell.
  168. Zygophyllum eichleri R.M.Barker
  169. Zygophyllum emarginatum H.Eichler
  170. Zygophyllum eremaeum (Diels) Ostenf.
  171. Zygophyllum fabagifolium Baill.
  172. Zygophyllum flavum H.Eichler ex R.M.Barker
  173. Zygophyllum fruticulosum DC.
  174. Zygophyllum fruticulosum var. aurantiacum (Lindl.) F.Muell. & Tate
  175. Zygophyllum fruticulosum var. bilobum Benth.
  176. Zygophyllum fruticulosum var. brevilobum J.M.Black
  177. Zygophyllum fruticulosum var. eremaeum Diels
  178. Zygophyllum fruticulosum var. platypterum Benth.
  179. Zygophyllum glaucescens F.Muell.
  180. Zygophyllum glaucescens var. lobulatum Benth.
  181. Zygophyllum glaucescens var. minutiflorum F.Muell.
  182. Zygophyllum glaucum F.Muell.
  183. Zygophyllum glaucum F.Muell.
  184. Zygophyllum halophilum R.M.Barker
  185. Zygophyllum howittii F.Muell.
  186. Zygophyllum humillimum M.Koch ex Tate
  187. Zygophyllum hybridum Tate
  188. Zygophyllum iodocarpum F.Muell.
  189. Zygophyllum iodocarpum var. bilobum Benth.
  190. Zygophyllum iodocarpum var. lobulatum Benth.
  191. Zygophyllum kochii Tate
  192. Zygophyllum lobulatum (Benth.) H.Eichler ex R.M.Barker
  193. Zygophyllum marliesiae R.M.Barker
  194. Zygophyllum ovatum Ewart & Jean White
  195. Zygophyllum prismatothecum F.Muell.
  196. Zygophyllum reticulatum H.Eichler ex R.M.Barker
  197. Zygophyllum retivalve Domin
  198. Zygophyllum rowelliae R.M.Barker
  199. Zygophyllum sect. Agrophyllum (Endl.) Engl.
  200. Zygophyllum sect. Carinaria Miq.
  201. Zygophyllum sect. Haplocarpus F.Muell.
  202. Zygophyllum sect. Roepera F.Muell.
  203. Zygophyllum sect. Roepera (A.Juss.) Engl.
  204. Zygophyllum sect. Roeperiopsis Engl.
  205. Zygophyllum sect. Sarcozygium (Bunge) Engl.
  206. Zygophyllum simile H.Eichler
  207. Zygophyllum sp. 1 (Karratha,Coral Bay; H.Eichler 23621)
  208. Zygophyllum sp. Karratha (J.S.Beard 3508) WA Herbarium
  209. Zygophyllum terminale Turcz.
  210. Zygophyllum tesquorum J.M.Black
  211. Zygophyllum tetrapterum H.Eichler ex R.M.Barker

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