Vascular Plants

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Barker, W.R., Barker, R.M., Jessop, J. & Vonow, H. (2011), Census of South Australian Plants, Algae and Fungi : null - null (Database Record) Barker, W.R., Barker, R.M., Jessop, J. & Vonow, H. Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Abutilon cryptopetalum subsp. Grey leaves
  2. Alternanthera nana R.Br.
  3. Anagyris foetida L.
  4. Anthyllis barba-jovis L.
  5. Aster echinatus (Thunb.) Less.
  6. Aster echinatus var. paralia (DC.) Harv.
  7. Eremophila glabra subsp. Murray (A.G.Spooner 14470) Chinnock
  8. Eremophila paisleyi subsp. Glandular (F.J.Badman 6011) Chinnock
  9. Eremophila platythamnos subsp. Villous (A.C.Robinson NPWS82)
  10. Eremophila sp. Fallax (D.E.Symon 12311) Chinnock
  11. Eremophila sp. Hygrophana (P.J.Lang B894-2828) Chinnock
  12. Eremophila sp. Praecox (R.H.Ashby 131) Chinnock
  13. Eremophila subfloccosa subsp. Glandulosa (R.Bates 32961) Chinnock
  14. Eremophila subfloccosa subsp. Lanata (R.Bates 33587) Chinnock
  15. Erica mauritanica L.
  16. Felicia echinata (Thunb.) Nees
  17. Felicia paralia DC.
  18. Lathyrus sphaericus Retz.
  19. Lepidosperma congestum R.Br.
  20. Lepidosperma sp. Narrow leaf (R.L.Taplin 709) R.L.Taplin &P.J.Lang
  21. Limosella curdieana var. Long-pedicelled (W.R.Barker 3577) W.R.Barker
  22. Myoporum sp. Petiolatum (R.Taylor 484) Chinnock
  23. Plantago albicans L.
  24. Pteronia echinata Thunb.
  25. Trifolium nigrescens Viv.
  26. Trifolium rubens L.
  27. Vicia cracca L.

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