Vascular Plants

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Pedley, L. in Stanley, T.D. & Ross, E.M. (1984), Caesalpiniaceae. Flora of South-eastern Queensland 1 : 331, 387-397 (Section) Pedley, L. Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Ant Bush
  2. Arsenic Bush
  3. Australian Senna
  4. Barklya F.Muell.
  5. Barklya syringifolia F.Muell.
  6. Butter Bush
  7. Butterfly Bush
  8. Caesalpinia L.
  9. Caesalpinia bonduc (L.) Roxb.
  10. Caesalpinia decapetala (Roth) Alston
  11. Caesalpinia gilliesii (Hook.) D.Dietr.
  12. Caesalpinia pulcherrima (L.) Sw.
  13. Caesalpinia scortechinii (F.Muell.) Hattink
  14. Caesalpinia sepiaria Roxb.
  15. Caesalpinia subtropica Pedley
  16. Caesalpiniaceae R.Br.
  17. Cassia L.
  18. Cassia absus L.
  19. Cassia aciphylla Benth. ex A.Gray
  20. Cassia artemisioides Gaudich. ex DC.
  21. Cassia australis var. revoluta (F.Muell.) Benth.
  22. Cassia barclayana Sweet
  23. Cassia barclayana var. pubescens (Benth.) Symon
  24. Cassia brewsteri (F.Muell.) Benth.
  25. Cassia brewsteri var. marksiana F.M.Bailey
  26. Cassia brewsteri var. tomentella Benth.
  27. Cassia circinnata Benth.
  28. Cassia coluteoides Collad.
  29. Cassia concinna Benth.
  30. Cassia coronilloides Benth.
  31. Cassia didymobotrya Fresen.
  32. Cassia eremophila A.Cunn. ex Benth.
  33. Cassia eremophila A.Cunn. ex Vogel
  34. Cassia eremophila A.Cunn. ex Vogel var. eremophila
  35. Cassia eremophila var. zygophylla (Benth.) Benth.
  36. Cassia fistula L.
  37. Cassia floribunda Cav.
  38. Cassia glauca Lam.
  39. Cassia laevigata Willd.
  40. Cassia marksiana (F.M.Bailey) Domin
  41. Cassia mimosoides L.
  42. Cassia occidentalis L.
  43. Cassia occidentalis var. schinifolia (DC.) de Wit
  44. Cassia pleurocarpa F.Muell.
  45. Cassia pumila Lam.
  46. Cassia retusa Vogel
  47. Cassia revoluta F.Muell.
  48. Cassia schinifolia DC.
  49. Cassia sophera var. barclayana (Sweet) Domin
  50. Cassia sophera var. pubescens Benth.
  51. Cassia sophera var. schinifolia (DC.) Benth.
  52. Cassia suffruticosa Roth
  53. Cassia surattensis Burm.f.
  54. Cassia tomentella (Benth.) Domin
  55. Cassia zygophylla Benth.
  56. Cathartocarpus brewsteri F.Muell.
  57. Coffee Senna
  58. Desert Cassia
  59. Easter Cassia
  60. Fire Bush
  61. Gleditsia J.Clayton
  62. Gleditsia triacanthos L.
  63. Golden Shower
  64. Guilandina bonduc L.
  65. Hairy Cassia
  66. Honey Locust
  67. Indian Laburnum
  68. Jerusalem Thorn
  69. Labichea Gaudich. ex DC.
  70. Labichea digitata Benth.
  71. Leguminosae Juss.
  72. Leichhardt Bean
  73. Mezoneuron brachycarpum Benth.
  74. Mezoneuron scortechinii F.Muell.
  75. Parkinsonia L.
  76. Parkinsonia
  77. Parkinsonia aculeata L.
  78. Pepperleaf Senna
  79. Petalostylis R.Br.
  80. Petalostylis labicheoides R.Br.
  81. Poinciana gilliesii Hook.
  82. Reichardia decapetala Roth
  83. Silver Cassia
  84. Smooth Senna
  85. Wait-a-while

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