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Hislop, M. & Nguyen, H.K. (2 December 2022), A taxonomic review of the Styphelia tamminensis subgroup (Ericaceae: Epacridoideae: Styphelieae). Nuytsia 33 : 275-320 (Paper) Hislop, M. & Nguyen, H.K. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Leucopogon crassifolius Sond.
  2. Leucopogon cymbiformis A.Cunn. ex DC.
  3. Leucopogon pogonocalyx Benth.
  4. Leucopogon sp. Bolgart (M.Hislop & F.Hort MH 2486) WA Herbarium
  5. Leucopogon sp. Corrigin (K.Kershaw KK 2091) WA Herbarium
  6. Leucopogon sp. Dongolocking (K.Kershaw KK2333) WA Herbarium
  7. Leucopogon sp. Great Southern (R.S.Cowan A-586) WA Herbarium
  8. Leucopogon sp. Gunapin (F.Hort 808) WA Herbarium
  9. Leucopogon sp. Ironcaps (N.Gibson & K.Brown 3070) WA Herbarium
  10. Leucopogon sp. Karroun Hill (K.R.Thiele 4167) WA Herbarium
  11. Leucopogon sp. Lake King (A.J.G.Wilson 65) WA Herbarium
  12. Leucopogon sp. Manypeaks (A.S.George 6488) WA Herbarium
  13. Leucopogon sp. Mondurup (K.F.Kenneally 11445)
  14. Leucopogon sp. Tathra (M.Hislop 2900) WA Herbarium
  15. Leucopogon sp. Twertup (K.Newbey 10859) WA Herbarium
  16. Leucopogon sp. Wandering (F.Hort 419) WA Herbarium
  17. Leucopogon sp. Warradarge (M.Hislop 1908) WA Herbarium
  18. Leucopogon sp. Yandanooka (M.Hislop 2507) WA Herbarium
  19. Leucopogon tamminensis E.Pritz.
  20. Leucopogon tamminensis var. australis E.Pritz.
  21. Styphelia annulata Hislop
  22. Styphelia bracteolosa Hislop
  23. Styphelia crassifolia (Sond.) F.Muell.
  24. Styphelia cymbiformis (A.Cunn. ex DC.) F.Muell.
  25. Styphelia decussata Hislop, Crayn & Puente-Lel.
  26. Styphelia echinulata Hislop
  27. Styphelia exilis Hislop
  28. Styphelia hyalina Hislop
  29. Styphelia incerta Hislop
  30. Styphelia pallens Hislop
  31. Styphelia papillosa Hislop
  32. Styphelia platyneura Hislop
  33. Styphelia pogonocalyx (Benth.) F.Muell.
  34. Styphelia recurva Hislop
  35. Styphelia roseola Hislop
  36. Styphelia scabrella Hislop
  37. Styphelia subglauca Hislop
  38. Styphelia tamminensis (E.Pritz.) Sleumer
  39. Styphelia williamsiorum Hislop & Puente-Lel.

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