Vascular Plants

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Jessop, J.P. (19 December 1977), Endangered species in the South Australian native vascular flora. Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens 1(2) : 135-139 (Paper) Jessop, J.P. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Acacia barattensis J.M.Black
  2. Acacia dodonaeifolia (Pers.) Balb.
  3. Acacia gillii Maiden & Blakely
  4. Acacia imbricata F.Muell.
  5. Acacia menzelii J.M.Black
  6. Acacia pinguifolia J.M.Black
  7. Acacia quornensis J.M.Black
  8. Acacia randeliana Jessop
  9. Acacia randelliana W.Fitzg.
  10. Acacia rhigiophylla F.Muell. ex Benth.
  11. Acacia wattsiana F.Muell. ex Benth.
  12. Achnophora tatei F.Muell.
  13. Acrotriche halmaturina B.R.Paterson
  14. Agrostis limitanea J.M.Black
  15. Aizoon kochii R.Wagner
  16. Angianthus phyllocalymmeus (F.Muell.) Druce
  17. Atriplex cordifolia J.M.Black
  18. Atriplex eichleri Aellen
  19. Atriplex fasciculiflora Aellen
  20. Atriplex kochiana Maiden
  21. Atriplex macropterocarpa (Aellen) H.Eichler
  22. Atriplex spongiivalvis Aellen
  23. Basedowia tenerrima (F.Muell. & Tate) J.M.Black
  24. Bassia aellenii Ising
  25. Bassia albolanata Ising
  26. Bassia caput-casuarii J.H.Willis
  27. Bassia cristata Ising
  28. Bassia eichleri Ising
  29. Bassia holtiana Ising
  30. Bassia lanata Ising
  31. Bassia nitida Ising
  32. Bassia wilsonii Ising
  33. Brachyscome muelleri Sond.
  34. Caladenia congesta R.Br.
  35. Caladenia gladiolata R.S.Rogers
  36. Caladenia ovata R.S.Rogers
  37. Caladenia rigida R.S.Rogers
  38. Caladenia x tutelata R.S.Rogers
  39. Calandrinia dipetala J.M.Black
  40. Calandrinia disperma J.M.Black
  41. Calandrinia sphaerophylla J.M.Black
  42. Cheiranthera volubilis Benth.
  43. Conostephium halmaturinum J.M.Black
  44. Corybas fordhamii (Rupp) Rupp
  45. Cryptandra uncinata (F.Muell. ex Baill.) GrĂ¼ning
  46. Darwinia homoranthoides (F.Muell.) J.M.Black
  47. Dodonaea tepperi F.Muell. ex Tepper
  48. Elachanthus glaber Paul G.Wilson
  49. Eragrostis infecunda J.M.Black
  50. Eremophila pentaptera J.M.Black
  51. Eremophila santalina (F.Muell.) F.Muell.
  52. Eucalyptus cneorifolia DC.
  53. Eucalyptus remota Blakely
  54. Euphrasia scabra R.Br.
  55. Festuca benthamiana Vickery
  56. Frankenia angustipetala Summerh.
  57. Frankenia cinerea A.DC.
  58. Frankenia cordata J.M.Black
  59. Frankenia crispa J.M.Black
  60. Frankenia cupularis Summerh.
  61. Frankenia densa Summerh.
  62. Frankenia eremophila Summerh.
  63. Frankenia flabellata Sprague
  64. Frankenia granulata J.M.Black
  65. Frankenia hamata Summerh.
  66. Frankenia latior Sprague & Summerh.
  67. Frankenia muscosa J.M.Black
  68. Frankenia orthotricha (J.M.Black) J.M.Black
  69. Frankenia plicata Melville
  70. Frankenia pseudoflabellata Summerh.
  71. Frankenia speciosa Summerh.
  72. Frankenia subteres Summerh.
  73. Gahnia hystrix J.M.Black
  74. Grevillea parallelinervis Carrick
  75. Grevillea rogersii Maiden
  76. Grevillea umbellifera J.M.Black
  77. Haloragis eichleri Orchard
  78. Helipterum oppositifolium S.Moore
  79. Helipterum tenellum Turcz.
  80. Hemichroa mesembryanthema F.Muell.
  81. Hibbertia paeninsularis J.M.Black
  82. Hydrocotyle comocarpa F.Muell.
  83. Hydrocotyle crassiuscula Tate
  84. Lepyrodia valliculae J.M.Black
  85. Maireana cannonii (J.M.Black) Paul G.Wilson
  86. Maireana melanocarpa Paul G.Wilson
  87. Malacocera biflora Ising
  88. Melaleuca corrugata J.M.Black ex Eardley
  89. Melaleuca monticola J.M.Black
  90. Microtis orbicularis R.S.Rogers
  91. Myoporum brevipes Benth.
  92. Myoporum refractum Maiden & Betche
  93. Olearia microdisca J.M.Black
  94. Olearia stuartii (F.Muell.) Benth.
  95. Olearia subspicata (Hook.) Benth.
  96. Petrophile multisecta F.Muell.
  97. Phebalium hillebrandii J.H.Willis
  98. Pimelea macrostegia (Benth.) J.M.Black
  99. Poa halmaturina J.M.Black
  100. Poa umbricola Vickery
  101. Poranthera triandra J.M.Black
  102. Prasophyllum validum R.S.Rogers
  103. Prostanthera eurybioides F.Muell.
  104. Prostanthera serpyllifolia (R.Br.) Briq.
  105. Pterostylis cucullata R.Br.
  106. Ptilotus beckeranus Jessop
  107. Ptilotus beckerianus (F.Muell.) F.Muell. ex J.M.Black
  108. Ptilotus eichlerianus Benl
  109. Ptilotus robynsianus Benl
  110. Ptilotus symonii Benl
  111. Pultenaea trifida J.M.Black
  112. Pultenaea trinervis J.M.Black
  113. Pultenaea viscidula Tate
  114. Sarcozona bicarinata S.T.Blake
  115. Sesbania viridis Jessop
  116. Stackhousia annua W.R.Barker
  117. Stipa dura J.M.Black
  118. Stipa multispiculis J.M.Black
  119. Stipa nodosa S.T.Blake
  120. Stipa plumigera Hughes
  121. Tetraria halmaturina (J.M.Black) J.M.Black
  122. Thelymitra epipactoides F.Muell.
  123. Thelymitra matthewsii Cheeseman
  124. Thelymitra x truncata R.S.Rogers
  125. Thysanotus fractiflexus Brittan
  126. Zygophyllum hybridum Tate
  127. Zygophyllum kochii Tate

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