Vascular Plants

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Forster, P.I. & Henderson, R.J.F. in Henderson, R.J.F. (ed.) (1994), Euphorbiaceae. Queensland Vascular Plants: Names and Distribution : 107-117 (Section) Forster, P.I. & Henderson, R.J.F. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Adriana glabrata Gaudich. x Adriana quadripartita (Labill.) Müll.Arg.
  2. Aleurites sp. (Hazlewood Gorge S.G.Pearson SP439)
  3. Bertya sp. (Amiens L.Pedley 1488)
  4. Bertya sp. (Beeron Holding P.I.Forster PIF5753)
  5. Bertya sp. (Helidon Hills G.Leiper AQ457013)
  6. Bertya sp. (Mt Ernest G.Leiper AQ507685)
  7. Bertya sp. (Oakey Creek B.O'Keeffe 822)
  8. Bertya sp. (Winneba D.Jermyn 31)
  9. Beyeria sp. (Bull Creek Gorge B.O'Keeffe 573)
  10. Bridelia sp. (Stone Crossing J.R.Clarkson 9032)
  11. Dissiliaria sp. (Rex Range G.Sankowsky 1075)
  12. Dissiliaria sp. (Rocky River B.Hyland 10882)
  13. Glochidion sp. (McIlwraith Range B.P.Hyland 7637)
  14. Poranthera sp. (Mt Ballow G.Leiper AQ502886)
  15. Pseudanthus sp. (Blackdown Tableland R.J.Henderson H722)
  16. Pseudanthus sp. (Salvator Rosa NP M.E.Ballingall MEB450)
  17. Pseudanthus sp. (Tylerville P.I.Forster PIF11510)
  18. Ricinocarpos sp. (Blackdown Tableland R.J.Henderson H610)
  19. Ricinocarpos sp. (Mt Alto C.T.White 10633)
  20. Ricinocarpos sp. (Mt Calder Station M.E.Ballingall MEB1588)

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