Vascular Plants

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Jeanes, J.A. in Walsh, N.G. & Entwisle, T.J. (ed.) (1999), Rubiaceae. Flora of Victoria 4 : 616-642 (Section) Jeanes, J.A. Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Alpine Woodruff
  2. Asperula L.
  3. Asperula ambleia Airy Shaw & Turrill
  4. Asperula charophyton Airy Shaw & Turrill
  5. Asperula conferta Hook.f.
  6. Asperula euryphylla Airy Shaw & Turrill var. euryphylla
  7. Asperula gemella Airy Shaw & Turrill
  8. Asperula gunnii Hook.f.
  9. Asperula minima Hook.f.
  10. Asperula pusilla Hook.f.
  11. Asperula scoparia Hook.f.
  12. Asperula subsimplex Hook.f.
  13. Asperula wimmerana Airy Shaw & Turrill
  14. Broad-leaf Stinkweed
  15. Broad-leaf Woodruff
  16. Canthium quadrifidum Labill.
  17. Cleavers
  18. Coarse Stinkweed
  19. Common Woodruff
  20. Compact Bedstraw
  21. Coprosma J.R.Forst. & G.Forst.
  22. Coprosma billardierei Hook.f.
  23. Coprosma granadensis (Mutis ex L.f.) Heads
  24. Coprosma hirtella Labill.
  25. Coprosma moorei F.Muell. ex Rodway
  26. Coprosma nitida Hook.f.
  27. Coprosma nivalis W.R.B.Oliv.
  28. Coprosma perpusilla Colenso subsp. perpusilla
  29. Coprosma pumila Hook.f.
  30. Coprosma quadrifida (Labill.) B.L.Rob.
  31. Coprosma repens A.Rich.
  32. Coprosma reptans (F.Muell.) F.Muell.
  33. Coprosma robusta Raoul
  34. Coprosma xtadgelii W.R.B.Oliv.
  35. Creeping Coprosma
  36. Diodia reptans F.Muell.
  37. Dwarf Nertera
  38. Elongate Woodruff
  39. Field Madder
  40. Furrowed Bedstraw
  41. Galium L.
  42. Galium aparine L.
  43. Galium australe DC.
  44. Galium axiflorum F.Muell. ex Miq.
  45. Galium binifolium N.A.Wakef.
  46. Galium ciliare Hook.f.
  47. Galium compactum Ehrend. & McGill.
  48. Galium curvihirtum Ehrend. & McGill.
  49. Galium divaricatum Pourr. ex Lam.
  50. Galium gaudichaudii DC.
  51. Galium gaudichaudii var. glabrescens Benth.
  52. Galium liratum N.A.Wakef.
  53. Galium migrans Ehrend. & McGill.
  54. Galium murale (L.) All.
  55. Galium parisiense var. australe Ewart & Jean White
  56. Galium propinquum A.Cunn.
  57. Galium tricorne Stokes
  58. Galium tricornutum Dandy
  59. Galium umbrosum G.Forst. ex Hook.f.
  60. Gomozia granadensis Mutis ex L.f.
  61. Hairy Bedstraw
  62. Hairy Stinkweed
  63. Jasmine Morinda
  64. Leptostigma Arn.
  65. Leptostigma reptans (F.Muell.) Fosberg
  66. Maori Bedstraw
  67. Matted Nertera
  68. Mirror Bush
  69. Morinda L.
  70. Morinda jasminoides A.Cunn.
  71. Mossy Woodruff
  72. Mountain Woodruff
  73. Nertera Banks & Sol. ex Gaertn.
  74. Nertera depressa Banks & Sol. ex Gaertn.
  75. Nertera granadensis (Mutis ex L.f.) Druce
  76. Nertera reptans (F.Muell.) Benth.
  77. Opercularia Gaertn.
  78. Opercularia aspera Gaertn.
  79. Opercularia hispida Spreng.
  80. Opercularia ovata Hook.f.
  81. Opercularia scabrida Schltdl.
  82. Opercularia turpis F.Muell. ex J.M.Black
  83. Opercularia umbellata Gaertn.
  84. Opercularia varia Hook.f.
  85. Pomax Sol. ex DC.
  86. Pomax
  87. Pomax umbellata (Gaertn.) Sol. ex A.Rich.
  88. Prickly Currant-bush
  89. Prickly Woodruff
  90. Rough Bedstraw
  91. Rough Coprosma
  92. Rough Corn Bedstraw
  93. Rough Stinkweed
  94. Rubiaceae Juss.
  95. Sherardia L.
  96. Sherardia arvensis L.
  97. Sherardia muralis L.
  98. Shining Coprosma
  99. Slender Bedstraw
  100. Small Goosegrass
  101. Snow Coprosma
  102. Stiff Woodruff
  103. Tangled Bedstraw
  104. Turquoise Coprosma
  105. Twiggy Stinkweed
  106. Twin-leaf Bedstraw
  107. Variable Stinkweed
  108. Water Woodruff

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