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Bernhardt, P. in Harden, G.J. (ed.) (1993), Caladenia. Flora of New South Wales 4 : 196-209 (Section) Bernhardt, P. Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. A Spider Orchid
  2. Black Tongue Caladenia
  3. Blue Caladenia
  4. Blue Fairy
  5. Bluebeard Caladenia
  6. Bronze Caladenia
  7. Caladenia R.Br.
  8. Caladenia aestiva D.L.Jones
  9. Caladenia alata R.Br.
  10. Caladenia alba R.Br.
  11. Caladenia alba var. picta Nicholls
  12. Caladenia angustata Lindl.
  13. Caladenia arenaria Fitzg.
  14. Caladenia caerulea R.Br.
  15. Caladenia caerulea var. heliotropica Rupp
  16. Caladenia carnea R.Br.
  17. Caladenia carnea var. attenuata Brinsley
  18. Caladenia carnea R.Br. var. carnea
  19. Caladenia carnea var. fuscata Rchb.f.
  20. Caladenia carnea var. gigantea R.S.Rogers
  21. Caladenia catenata (Sm.) Druce
  22. Caladenia clarkiae D.L.Jones
  23. Caladenia clavigera A.Cunn. ex Lindl.
  24. Caladenia cleistantha D.L.Jones
  25. Caladenia concinna (Rupp) D.L.Jones & M.A.Clem.
  26. Caladenia concolor Fitzg.
  27. Caladenia congesta R.Br.
  28. Caladenia cucullata Fitzg.
  29. Caladenia curtisepala D.L.Jones
  30. Caladenia deformis R.Br.
  31. Caladenia dilatata var. concinna Rupp
  32. Caladenia dimorpha Fitzg.
  33. Caladenia filamentosa R.Br. var. filamentosa
  34. Caladenia fitzgeraldii Rupp
  35. Caladenia flaccida D.L.Jones
  36. Caladenia fuscata (Rchb.f.) M.A.Clem. & D.L.Jones
  37. Caladenia gracilis R.Br.
  38. Caladenia hildae Pescott & Nicholls
  39. Caladenia holmesii Rupp
  40. Caladenia iridescens R.S.Rogers
  41. Caladenia latifolia R.Br.
  42. Caladenia lyallii Hook.f.
  43. Caladenia patersonii var. arenaria (Fitzg.) Nicholls
  44. Caladenia patersonii var. concolor (Fitzg.) J.H.Willis & Court
  45. Caladenia phaeoclavia D.L.Jones
  46. Caladenia picta (Nicholls) M.A.Clem. & D.L.Jones
  47. Caladenia pusilla W.M.Curtis
  48. Caladenia quadrifaria D.L.Jones
  49. Caladenia rigens D.L.Jones
  50. Caladenia sp. A
  51. Caladenia sp. B
  52. Caladenia sp. C
  53. Caladenia stellata D.L.Jones
  54. Caladenia tentaculata Schltdl.
  55. Caladenia tessellata Fitzg.
  56. Caladenia testacea R.Br.
  57. Caladenia testacea var. hildae (Pescott & Nicholls) Nicholls
  58. Caladenia verrucosa G.W.Carr
  59. Clubbed Spider Orchid
  60. Crimson Spider Orchid
  61. Cyanicula caerulea P.Bernhardt
  62. Daddy Long-legs
  63. Fairy Orchid
  64. Fairy Orchids
  65. Fringed Spider Orchid
  66. Green Comb
  67. Honey Caladenia
  68. Hooded Caladenia
  69. Lady's Fingers
  70. Mountain Caladenia
  71. Musky Caladenia
  72. Parson-in-the-pulpit
  73. Pink Fairy
  74. Pink Fingers
  75. Small Spider Orchid
  76. Spider Orchids
  77. Thick Lip Spider Orchid
  78. Tiny Caladenia
  79. Veined Spider Orchid
  80. White Caladenia
  81. White Fingers

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