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Heynhold, G. (1846), Alphabetische und Synonymische Aufzahlung der in der Jahren 1840 bis 1846 in den europäischen Gärten eingeführten Gewächse nebst Angabe ihres Autors : 1-774 (Book) Heynhold, G. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Acacia benthami Heynh.
  2. Acacia benthami var. latior (Meisn.) Heynh.
  3. Acacia benthamii Heynh.
  4. Acacia benthamii var. angustior (Meisn.) Heynh.
  5. Acacia benthamii Meisn. var. benthamii
  6. Acacia benthamii var. latior (Meisn.) Heynh.
  7. Acacia diptera Lindl.
  8. Acacia diptera var. angustior Meisn.
  9. Acacia diptera var. latior Meisn.
  10. Acronychia oblongifolia (A.Cunn. ex Hook.) Endl. ex Heynh.
  11. Acronychia ovata Heynh.
  12. Actinotus leucocephalus Benth.
  13. Agonis hypericifolia (Otto & A.Dietr.) Schauer
  14. Agonis theiformis Heynh.
  15. Albizia neumanniana Heynh.
  16. Anadenia triternata Heynh.
  17. Baeckea saxicola A.Cunn. ex Hook.
  18. Billiotia elliptica Heynh.
  19. Billiotia hypericifolia Heynh.
  20. Billiotia linearifolia Heynh.
  21. Billiotia marginata Heynh.
  22. Billiotia marginata var. angustifolia Heynh.
  23. Billiotia saligna Heynh.
  24. Billotia ovalifolia Sweet
  25. Billottia Colla
  26. Billottia R.Br. ex G.Don
  27. Billottia acerosa Colla
  28. Billottia elliptica Heynh.
  29. Billottia flexuosa (Willd.) R.Br.
  30. Billottia hypericifolia (Otto & A.Dietr.) Heynh.
  31. Billottia linearifolia (DC.) R.Br.
  32. Billottia marginata (Labill.) R.Br.
  33. Billottia marginata var. angustifolia Heynh.
  34. Boronia rinzii Heynh.
  35. Boronia salicifolia Heynh.
  36. Brachysema hybridum Heynh.
  37. Brachysema villosum Heynh.
  38. Bucheria Heynh.
  39. Bucheria saxicola (A.Cunn. ex Hook.) Heynh.
  40. Burtonia bruniades Heynh.
  41. Burtonia conferta DC.
  42. Burtonia violacea Bosse
  43. Caesia helleri Heynh.
  44. Callistachys cuneifolia Sm.
  45. Callistachys purpurea Heynh.
  46. Callistemon lanceolatus var. lophanthus (Vent.) Heynh.
  47. Callistemon lanceolatus var. semperflorens Heynh.
  48. Calothamnus purpureus Endl.
  49. Calothamnus quadrifidus R.Br.
  50. Chorilaena myoporoides Heynh.
  51. Chorisema brownii Heynh.
  52. Chorisema ericoides Heynh.
  53. Chorisema manglesii Heynh.
  54. Chorisema mucronatum Heynh.
  55. Chorisema ruscifolium Heynh.
  56. Chorisema varium Heynh.
  57. Chorisema varium var. grandinosum Heynh.
  58. Chorisema varium var. multiflorum Heynh.
  59. Chorisema varium var. rotundifolium Heynh.
  60. Chorizema dillwyniaefolium Heynh.
  61. Chorizema ericaefolium Heynh.
  62. Chorizema spartioides Lodd., G.Lodd. & W.Lodd.
  63. Chorizema varium var. multiflorum Heynh.
  64. Cyminosma oblongifolia A.Cunn. ex Hook.
  65. Daviesia falcata Heynh.
  66. Daviesia frazeri Heynh.
  67. Daviesia intermedia Heynh.
  68. Eriocalia leucocephala (Benth.) Heynh.
  69. Fabricia angustifolia DC.
  70. Fabricia myrtifolia Heynh.
  71. Gastrolobium makoyanum Heynh.
  72. Gastrolobium splendens Heynh.
  73. Gastrolobium verticillatum Heynh.
  74. Glycine bimaculata Curtis
  75. Gompholobium aciculare Rchb.
  76. Gompholobium ericoides Heynh.
  77. Gompholobium intermedium Jacob-Makoy ex Heynh.
  78. Gompholobium mucronatum Jacob-Makoy ex Heynh.
  79. Gompholobium tenuifolium Heynh.
  80. Grevillea lawrenceana Heynh.
  81. Isotropis cuneifolia (Sm.) Heynh.
  82. Kennedia monophylla var. bimaculata (Curtis) Heynh.
  83. Kennedya monophylla Heynh.
  84. Kennedya monophylla var. bimaculata Heynh.
  85. Kennedya tomentosa Heynh.
  86. Kennedynella tomentosa (Benth.) Steud.
  87. Kunzea capitata (Sm.) Heynh.
  88. Kunzea ericaefolia Heynh.
  89. Kunzea ericifolia (Sm.) Heynh.
  90. Leptocyamus tomentosus (Benth.) Heynh.
  91. Leptolobium tomentosum Benth.
  92. Leptospermum ellipticum Endl.
  93. Leptospermum flexuosum (Willd.) Spreng.
  94. Leptospermum glomeratum H.L.Wendl.
  95. Leptospermum hypericifolium Otto & A.Dietr.
  96. Leptospermum linearifolium DC.
  97. Leptospermum marginatum Labill.
  98. Leptospermum ovalifolium Sweet
  99. Leptospermum resiniferum Bertol.
  100. Leptospermum salignum Heynh.
  101. Leptospermum sect. Agonis DC.
  102. Leptospermum theaeforme Heynh.
  103. Manglesia lawrenceana Heynh.
  104. Metrosideros capitata Sm.
  105. Metrosideros ericifolia Sm.
  106. Metrosideros flexuosa Willd.
  107. Metrosideros lophantha Vent.
  108. Stenospermum ericaefolia Heynh.

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