Vascular Plants

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Linder, H.P., Baeza, M., Barker, N.P., Galley, C., Humphreys, A.M., Lloyd, K.M., Orlovich, D.A., Pirie, M.D., Simon, B.K., Walsh, N. & Verboom, G.A. (2010), A generic classification of the Danthonioideae (Poaceae). Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 97(3) : 306-364 (Paper) Linder, H.P., Baeza, M., Barker, N.P., Galley, C., Humphreys, A.M., Lloyd, K.M., Orlovich, D.A., Pirie, M.D., Simon, B.K., Walsh, N. & Verboom, G.A. Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Arundo australis A.Rich.
  2. Arundo kakao Steud.
  3. Arundo richardii Endl.
  4. Austrodanthonia H.P.Linder
  5. Austrodanthonia bipartita (Link) H.P.Linder
  6. Austrodanthonia diemenica (D.I.Morris) H.P.Linder
  7. Austrodanthonia fulva (Vickery) H.P.Linder
  8. Austrodanthonia popinensis (D.I.Morris) H.P.Linder
  9. Austrodanthonia remota (D.I.Morris) H.P.Linder
  10. Austroderia N.P.Barker & H.P.Linder
  11. Austroderia richardii (Endl.) N.P.Barker & H.P.Linder
  12. Avena bipartita Link
  13. Avena brownii Spreng.
  14. Avena pallida Thunb.
  15. Blakeochloa Veldkamp
  16. Brizopyrum Link
  17. Chionochloa conspicua (G.Forst.) Zotov
  18. Chionochloa frigida (Vickery) Conert
  19. Chionochloa howensis S.W.L.Jacobs
  20. Chionochloa pallida (R.Br.) S.W.L.Jacobs
  21. Cortaderia Stapf
  22. Cortaderia jubata (Lemoine) Stapf
  23. Cortaderia richardii (Endl.) Zotov
  24. Cortaderia selloana (Schult. & Schult.f.) Asch. & Graebn.
  25. Danthonia DC.
  26. Danthonia decumbens (L.) DC.
  27. Danthonia diemenica D.I.Morris
  28. Danthonia lepidopoda N.G.Walsh
  29. Danthonia linkii Kunth
  30. Danthonia linkii var. fulva Vickery
  31. Danthonia pallida R.Br.
  32. Danthonia penicillata var. pallida (R.Br.) Rodway
  33. Danthonia popinensis D.I.Morris
  34. Danthonia remota D.I.Morris
  35. Danthonia sect. Eudanthonia Benth.
  36. Danthonia sect. Micrathera Benth.
  37. Erythranthera Zotov
  38. Joycea H.P.Linder
  39. Joycea lepidopoda (N.G.Walsh) H.P.Linder
  40. Joycea pallida (R.Br.) H.P.Linder
  41. Lasiochloa Kunth
  42. Monostachya Merr.
  43. Moorea Lem.
  44. Notochloe Domin
  45. Notochloe microdon (Benth.) Domin
  46. Notodanthonia Zotov
  47. Notodanthonia bipartita var. fulva (Vickery) Veldkamp
  48. Notodanthonia diemenica (D.I.Morris) H.P.Linder
  49. Notodanthonia fulva (Vickery) H.P.Linder
  50. Notodanthonia linkii (Kunth) H.P.Linder
  51. Notodanthonia pallida (R.Br.) Veldkamp
  52. Notodanthonia popinensis (D.I.Morris) H.P.Linder
  53. Notodanthonia remota (D.I.Morris) H.P.Linder
  54. Pentameris airoides Nees
  55. Pentameris airoides Nees subsp. airoides
  56. Pentameris pallida (Thunb.) Galley & H.P.Linder
  57. Plagiochloa Adamson & Sprague
  58. Plinthanthesis Steud.
  59. Plinthanthesis paradoxa (R.Br.) S.T.Blake
  60. Plinthanthesis rodwayi (C.E.Hubb.) S.T.Blake
  61. Plinthanthesis urvillei Steud.
  62. Pyrrhanthera Zotov
  63. Rytidosperma Steud.
  64. Rytidosperma acerosum (Vickery) Connor & Edgar
  65. Rytidosperma alpicola (Vickery) Connor & Edgar
  66. Rytidosperma auriculatum (J.M.Black) Connor & Edgar
  67. Rytidosperma australe (Petrie) Clayton & Renvoize ex Connor & Edgar
  68. Rytidosperma bipartitum (Link) A.M.Humphreys & H.P.Linder
  69. Rytidosperma caespitosum (Gaudich.) Connor & Edgar
  70. Rytidosperma carphoides (F.Muell. ex Benth.) Connor & Edgar
  71. Rytidosperma clelandii (Vickery) Connor & Edgar
  72. Rytidosperma diemenicum (D.I.Morris) A.M.Humphreys & H.P.Linder
  73. Rytidosperma dimidiatum (Vickery) Connor & Edgar
  74. Rytidosperma duttonianum (Cashmore) Connor & Edgar
  75. Rytidosperma erianthum (Lindl.) Connor & Edgar
  76. Rytidosperma fortunae-hibernae (Renvoize) Connor & Edgar
  77. Rytidosperma fulvum (Vickery) A.M.Humphreys & H.P.Linder
  78. Rytidosperma geniculatum (J.M.Black) Connor & Edgar
  79. Rytidosperma indutum (Vickery) Connor & Edgar
  80. Rytidosperma laeve (Vickery) Connor & Edgar
  81. Rytidosperma lepidopodum (N.G.Walsh) A.M.Humphreys & H.P.Linder
  82. Rytidosperma linkii (Kunth) Connor & Edgar
  83. Rytidosperma linkii var. fulvum (Vickery) Connor & Edgar
  84. Rytidosperma longifolium (R.Br.) Connor & Edgar
  85. Rytidosperma monticola (Vickery) Connor & Edgar
  86. Rytidosperma nitens (D.I.Morris) H.P.Linder
  87. Rytidosperma nivicola (Vickery) Connor & Edgar
  88. Rytidosperma nudiflorum (P.Morris) Connor & Edgar
  89. Rytidosperma occidentale (Vickery) Connor & Edgar
  90. Rytidosperma oreophilum H.P.Linder & N.G.Walsh
  91. Rytidosperma pallidum (R.Br.) A.M.Humphreys & H.P.Linder
  92. Rytidosperma pauciflorum (R.Br.) Connor & Edgar
  93. Rytidosperma penicillatum (Labill.) Connor & Edgar
  94. Rytidosperma pilosum (R.Br.) Connor & Edgar
  95. Rytidosperma popinense (D.I.Morris) A.M.Humphreys & H.P.Linder
  96. Rytidosperma popinensis A.M.Humphreys & H.P.Linder
  97. Rytidosperma racemosum (R.Br.) Connor & Edgar
  98. Rytidosperma racemosum var. obtusatum (F.Muell. ex Benth.) Connor & Edgar
  99. Rytidosperma racemosum (R.Br.) Connor & Edgar var. racemosum
  100. Rytidosperma remotum (D.I.Morris) A.M.Humphreys & H.P.Linder
  101. Rytidosperma richardsonii (Cashmore) Connor & Edgar
  102. Rytidosperma semiannulare (Labill.) Connor & Edgar
  103. Rytidosperma setaceum (R.Br.) Connor & Edgar
  104. Rytidosperma tenuius (Steud.) A.Hansen & Sunding
  105. Rytidosperma unarede (Raoul) Connor & Edgar
  106. Rytidosperma vickeryae M.Gray & H.P.Linder
  107. Schismus P.Beauv.
  108. Schismus arabicus Nees
  109. Schismus barbatus (Loefl. ex L.) Thell.
  110. Sieglingia Bernh.
  111. Thonandia H.P.Linder
  112. Tribolium Desv.
  113. Tribolium acutiflorum (Nees) Renvoize
  114. Tribolium obliterum (Hemsl.) Renvoize
  115. Tribolium uniolae (L.f.) Renvoize

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