Vascular Plants

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Barrett, R.L. & Barrett, M.D. (3 November 2015), Twenty-seven new species of vascular plants from Western Australia. Nuytsia 26 : 21-87 (Paper) Barrett, R.L. & Barrett, M.D. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Aphyllodium beardii R.L.Barrett
  2. Aphyllodium sp. Great Sandy Desert (C.P.Campbell 3689) WA Herbarium
  3. Aston's Marshwort
  4. Beard's Sand Dune Pea
  5. Bennett's Violet
  6. Bossiaea arenitensis R.L.Barrett
  7. Bossiaea sp. Princess May Range (M.D.Barrett & R.L.Barrett MDB 1326) WA Herbarium
  8. Bossiaea sp. West Kimberley (R.L.Barrett & M.D.Barrett RLB 4045) WA Herbarium
  9. Bossiaea zarae R.L.Barrett
  10. Calectasia demarzii R.L.Barrett
  11. Calectasia elegans R.L.Barrett
  12. Calectasia grandiflora (South Coast variant)
  13. Calectasia grandiflora (Wheatbelt variant)
  14. Calectasia grandiflora subsp. Wheatbelt (A.M.Coates 4315) WA Herbarium
  15. Calectasia grandiflora subsp. southern (H.Demarz 546)
  16. Calectasia jubilaea R.L.Barrett
  17. Calectasia sp. Pinjar (C.Tauss 557) WA Herbarium
  18. Calectasia valida R.L.Barrett
  19. Caustis deserti R.L.Barrett
  20. Caustis gigas Meney & K.W.Dixon ex R.L.Barrett
  21. Caustis sp. Gigas (A.S.George 9318) WA Herbarium
  22. Cerebriform-seeded Poranthera
  23. Commelina roensis M.D.Barrett & R.L.Barrett
  24. Commelina sp. Roe River (R.L.Barrett & M.D.Barrett RLB 4633) WA Herbarium
  25. Crinum angustifolium R.Br.
  26. Crinum joesmithii M.D.Barrett & R.L.Barrett
  27. Crinum sp. West Kimberley (J.A.Smith s.n. 7/1/1979) WA Herbarium
  28. Demarz's Tinsel Lily
  29. Desert Twigrush
  30. Eichler's Tribulopis
  31. Elegant Tinsel Lily
  32. Eriocaulon rivicola G.J.Leach, M.D.Barrett & R.L.Barrett
  33. Eriocaulon sp. E
  34. Eriocaulon sp. E Kimberley Flora (A.S.George 12635) WA Herbarium
  35. Fairalls' Sword Sedge
  36. Giant Twigrush
  37. Glycine remota M.D.Barrett & R.L.Barrett
  38. Glycine sp. Pitta Creek (M.D.Barrett 1201) WA Herbarium
  39. Hopper's Sword Sedge
  40. Hybanthus bennettiae R.L.Barrett
  41. Jubilee Tinsel Lily
  42. Kimberley Crinum Lily
  43. Kimberley Pavement Sedge
  44. Kimberley Proiphys
  45. Lepidosperma fairallianum R.L.Barrett
  46. Lepidosperma hopperi R.L.Barrett
  47. Lepidosperma oldhamii R.L.Barrett
  48. Lepidosperma sp. Mt Burdett (M.A.Burgman & C.Layman MAB 3287) WA Herbarium
  49. Mitrasacme sp. Theda (K.Menkhorst s.n. 18/04/1988)
  50. Mitrasacme thedae M.D.Barrett & R.L.Barrett
  51. Mount Trafalgar Spinifex
  52. Nymphoides astoniae M.D.Barrett & R.L.Barrett
  53. Nymphoides sp. 2 (Barrett & Barrett 2640)
  54. Nymphoides sp. Mitchell Plateau (R.L.Barrett & M.D.Barrett RLB 2640) WA Herbarium
  55. Oldham's Sword Sedge
  56. Pavement Laceflower
  57. Phillips Range Spinifex
  58. Pilbara Curly Spinifex
  59. Poranthera asybosca R.L.Barrett
  60. Prince Regent Soybean
  61. Princess May Winged Pea
  62. Proiphys kimberleyensis M.D.Barrett & R.L.Barrett
  63. Robust Tinsel Lily
  64. Roe River Commelina
  65. Sandstone Creek Eriocaulon
  66. Sandstone Winged Pea
  67. Schoenus sp. Theda (M.D.Barrett 1578 B) WA Herbarium
  68. Schoenus thedae M.D.Barrett & R.L.Barrett
  69. Theda Cross-flower
  70. Trachymene pavimentum M.D.Barrett & R.L.Barrett
  71. Trachymene sp. Theda (M.D.Barrett MDB1661) WA Herbarium
  72. Tribulopis marliesiae R.L.Barrett
  73. Tribulus angustifolius var. clementii Domin
  74. Triodia basitricha M.D.Barrett
  75. Triodia celsa M.D.Barrett
  76. Triodia diantha M.D.Barrett
  77. Triodia sp. Millstream (A.A.Mitchell PRP 207)

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