Vascular Plants

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Chase, M.W., Soltis, D.E., Soltis, P.S., Rudall, P.J., Fay, M.F., Hahn, W.H., Sullivan, S., Joseph, J., Molvray, M., Kores, P.J., Givnish, T.J., Sytsma, J.J. & Pires, J.C. in Wilson, K.L. & Morrison, D.A. (ed.) (2000), Higher-level systematics of the monocotyledons: An assessment of current knowledge and a new classification. Monocots: Systematics and Evolution : 3-16 (Section) Chase, M.W., Soltis, D.E., Soltis, P.S., Rudall, P.J., Fay, M.F., Hahn, W.H., Sullivan, S., Joseph, J., Molvray, M., Kores, P.J., Givnish, T.J., Sytsma, J.J. & Pires, J.C. Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Agapanthaceae F.Voigt
  2. Agavaceae Dumort.
  3. Alismataceae Vent.
  4. Alismatales R.Br. ex Bercht. & J.Presl
  5. Alliaceae Borkh.
  6. Alstroemeriaceae Dumort.
  7. Amaryllidaceae J.St.-Hil.
  8. Anarthriaceae D.F.Cutler & Airy Shaw
  9. Aponogetonaceae Planch.
  10. Araceae Juss.
  11. Arecaceae Bercht. & J.Presl
  12. Arecales Bromhead
  13. Asparagaceae Juss.
  14. Asparagales Link
  15. Asphodelaceae Juss.
  16. Asteliaceae Dumort.
  17. Blandfordiaceae R.Dahlgren & Clifford
  18. Bromeliaceae Juss.
  19. Burmanniaceae Blume
  20. Campynemataceae Dumort.
  21. Cannaceae Juss.
  22. Cannales R.Br. ex Bercht. & J.Presl
  23. Centrolepidaceae Endl.
  24. Colchicaceae DC.
  25. Commelinaceae Mirb.
  26. Commelinales Mirb. ex Bercht. & J.Presl
  27. Convallariaceae Horan.
  28. Corsiaceae Becc.
  29. Costaceae Nakai
  30. Cymodoceaceae Vines
  31. Cyperaceae Juss.
  32. Dasypogonaceae Dumort.
  33. Dioscoreaceae R.Br.
  34. Dioscoreales Mart.
  35. Doryanthaceae R.Dahlgren & Clifford
  36. Ecdeiocoleaceae D.F.Cutler & Airy Shaw
  37. Eriocaulaceae Martinov
  38. Flagellariaceae Dumort.
  39. Haemodoraceae R.Br.
  40. Hanguanaceae Airy Shaw
  41. Heliconiaceae Vines
  42. Hemerocallidaceae R.Br.
  43. Hyacinthaceae Batsch ex Borkh.
  44. Hydatellaceae U.Hamann
  45. Hydrocharitaceae Juss.
  46. Hypoxidaceae R.Br.
  47. Iridaceae Juss.
  48. Juncaceae Juss.
  49. Juncaginaceae Rich.
  50. Liliaceae Juss.
  51. Liliales Perleb
  52. Limnocharitaceae Takht. ex Cronquist
  53. Luzuriagaceae Lotsy
  54. Marantaceae R.Br.
  55. Mayacaceae Kunth
  56. Musaceae Juss.
  57. Orchidaceae Juss.
  58. Pandanaceae R.Br.
  59. Pandanales R.Br. ex Bercht. & J.Presl
  60. Philydraceae Link
  61. Poaceae Barnhart
  62. Poales Small
  63. Pontederiaceae Kunth
  64. Posidoniaceae Vines
  65. Potamogetonaceae Bercht. & J.Presl
  66. Restionaceae R.Br.
  67. Ripogonaceae Conran & Clifford
  68. Ruppiaceae Horan.
  69. Smilacaceae Vent.
  70. Sparganiaceae Hanin
  71. Stemonaceae Caruel
  72. Strelitziaceae Hutch.
  73. Taccaceae Dumort.
  74. Tecophilaeaceae Leyb.
  75. Thismiaceae J.Agardh
  76. Triuridaceae Gardner
  77. Typhaceae Juss.
  78. Xanthorrhoeaceae Dumort.
  79. Xyridaceae C.Agardh
  80. Zingiberaceae Martinov
  81. Zosteraceae Dumort.

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