Vascular Plants

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Simon, B.K. in Henderson, R.J.F. (ed.) (2002), Poaceae. Names and Distribution of Queensland Plants, Algae and Lichens : 145-164 (Section) Simon, B.K. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Agrostis sp. (Wyberba S.T.Blake 4605)
  2. Arundinella grevillensis B.K.Simon x Arundinella montana S.T.Blake
  3. Astrebla elymoides F.Muell. ex F.M.Bailey x Astrebla lappacea (Lindl.) Domin
  4. Avena fatua L. x Avena sativa L.
  5. Cymbopogon ambiguus (Hack.) A.Camus x Cymbopogon queenslandicus S.T.Blake
  6. Cymbopogon bombycinus (R.Br.) Domin x Cymbopogon refractus (R.Br.) A.Camus
  7. Cymbopogon obtectus S.T.Blake x Cymbopogon refractus (R.Br.) A.Camus
  8. Cymbopogon queenslandicus S.T.Blake x Cymbopogon refractus (R.Br.) A.Camus
  9. Cynodon aethiopicus Clayton & J.R.Harlan x Cynodon nlemfuensis Vanderyst
  10. Dactyloctenium sp. (Yarrowmere J.Kemp+ 3365H)
  11. Dichelachne sp. (Brisbane B.K.Simon 3221)
  12. Digitaria eriantha ‘Pangola’
  13. Digitaria milanjiana ‘Jarra’
  14. Digitaria sp. (Mt Mulligan J.R.Clarkson 5821)
  15. Dimeria sp. (Mosquito Point J.R.Clarkson+ 9994)
  16. Dimeria sp. (Salvator Rosa R.J.Fensham RJF3643)
  17. Echinochloa polystachya ‘Amity’
  18. Entolasia sp. (Miles S.T.Blake 7709)
  19. Eragrostis sp. (Bundoona R.J.Fensham 3705)
  20. Eragrostis sp. (Currawinya M.Page AQ717024)
  21. Eragrostis sp. (Jericho E.J.Thompson+ JER93)
  22. Eragrostis sp. (Morehead River J.R.Clarkson+ 8055)
  23. Eriachne mucronata f. (Alpha C.E.Hubbard 7882)
  24. Eriachne mucronata f. (Burnham R.W.Purdie 1370)
  25. Eriachne sp. (Dugald River B.K.Simon+ 3007)
  26. Eulalia sp. (Sabai Island J.R.Clarkson 7801)
  27. Hymenachne amplexicaulis ‘Olive’
  28. Isachne sp. (Cape Tribulation R.L.Jago 4560)
  29. Iseilema calvum C.E.Hubb. x Iseilema vaginiflorum Domin
  30. Iseilema eremaeum S.T.Blake x Iseilema vaginiflorum Domin
  31. Iseilema macratherum Domin x Iseilema vaginiflorum Domin
  32. Iseilema membranaceum (Lindl.) Domin x Iseilema vaginiflorum Domin
  33. Lepturus sp. (Chillagoe M.Godwin C2576)
  34. Lolium perenne L. x Lolium rigidum Gaudin
  35. Panicum maximum var. maximum ‘Embu’
  36. Panicum maximum var. maximum ‘Hamil’
  37. Perotis clarksonii Veldkamp x Perotis rara R.Br.
  38. Phalaris aquatica L. x Phalaris arundinacea L.
  39. Phyllostachys pubescens Mazel ex J.Houz.
  40. Planichloa sp. (20 Mile Mission N.Dahl BF66)
  41. Planichloa sp. (Salvator Rosa M.Cox 183)
  42. Polygala sp. (Camooweal A.De Lestang 218)
  43. Polygala sp. (Portland Roads L.Pedley 2757)
  44. Sporobolus diandrus (Retz.) P.Beauv. x Sporobolus elongatus R.Br.
  45. Thaumastochloa sp. (Morehead River J.R.Clarkson+ 8086)

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