Vascular Plants

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Albrecht, D.E., Duguid, A.W., Coulson, H., Harris, M.G. & Latz, P.K. (November 2007), Vascular plant checklist for the southern bioregions of the Northern Territory Edn. 2 : null - null (Book) Albrecht, D.E., Duguid, A.W., Coulson, H., Harris, M.G. & Latz, P.K. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Brachyscome A58350 Newcastle Waters Station
  2. Centipeda D17777 Sanctuary Swamp NT Herbarium
  3. Centipeda minima subsp. A59820 Elkedra
  4. Centipeda minima subsp. A94915 N'Dhala Gorge
  5. Eriocaulon A87689 Arid Zone
  6. Eriocaulon D76325 Cape Shield
  7. Indigofera sp. MacDonnell Ranges (P.K.Latz 11587) Peter G.Wilson
  8. Ipomoea aff. polpha
  9. Juncus sp. MacDonnell Ranges (B.G.Thomson 3412) NT Herbarium
  10. Marsilea sp. Neutral Junction (D.E.Albrecht 9192) NT Herbarium
  11. Minuria macrorhiza (DC.) Lander
  12. Olearia sp. Mt Edward (G.Griffin s.n. & S.Dunlop 28 Sept 1991) Albr.
  13. Olearia xerophila (F.Muell.) Benth.
  14. Phyllanthus sp. Broad smooth seeds (M.D.Kimbel 52) Albr. & Cowie
  15. Phyllanthus sp. Broad tuberculate seeds (B.G.Thompson 2370) Albr. & Cowie
  16. Phyllanthus sp. Narrow tuberculate seeds (D.E.Albrecht 7456) Albr. & Cowie
  17. Phyllanthus sp. Roper River (R.K.Harwood 713) NT Herbarium
  18. Sauropus sp. Austral Downs (C.P.Brock 01/02/1999) Albr.
  19. Sida sp. E
  20. Sida sp. F
  21. Sida sp. G
  22. Sida sp. H
  23. Sida sp. L
  24. Sida sp. M
  25. Sida sp. N
  26. Sida sp. O
  27. Sida sp. Simpson Desert dunes (P.K.Latz 18008)
  28. Solanum ellipticum var. Foothills (G.J.Leach 1145) NT Herbarium
  29. Solanum ellipticum var. Ranges (D.E.Albrecht 5807) NT Herbarium

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