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Simon, B.K. in Mallett, K. (ed.) (2005), Aristida. Flora of Australia 44B : 71-118 (Section) Simon, B.K. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Aristida L.
  2. Aristida acuta S.T.Blake
  3. Aristida adscensionis var. anthoxanthoides Domin
  4. Aristida adscensionis var. longicollis Domin
  5. Aristida adscensionis var. subaequiglumis Domin
  6. Aristida annua B.K.Simon
  7. Aristida anthoxanthoides (Domin) Henrard
  8. Aristida arenaria Gaudich.
  9. Aristida arenaria var. brevistipitata Henrard
  10. Aristida arenaria var. hirsuta Henrard
  11. Aristida arida B.K.Simon
  12. Aristida armata Henrard
  13. Aristida australis B.K.Simon
  14. Aristida behriana F.Muell.
  15. Aristida benthami Henrard
  16. Aristida benthamii Henrard
  17. Aristida benthamii Henrard var. benthamii
  18. Aristida benthamii var. spinulifera B.K.Simon
  19. Aristida biglandulosa J.M.Black
  20. Aristida biglandulosa var. laevis B.K.Simon
  21. Aristida blakei B.K.Simon
  22. Aristida borealis B.K.Simon
  23. Aristida browniana Henrard
  24. Aristida browniana var. latifolia B.K.Simon
  25. Aristida burbidgeae B.K.Simon
  26. Aristida burraensis B.K.Simon
  27. Aristida calycina R.Br.
  28. Aristida calycina R.Br. var. calycina
  29. Aristida calycina var. filifolia B.K.Simon
  30. Aristida calycina var. praealta Domin
  31. Aristida calycina var. strigosa Henrard
  32. Aristida capillifolia Henrard
  33. Aristida caput-medusae Domin
  34. Aristida contorta F.Muell.
  35. Aristida contorta var. hirsuta (Henrard) H.Eichler
  36. Aristida cumingiana Trin. & Rupr.
  37. Aristida depressa Retz.
  38. Aristida dissimilis S.T.Blake
  39. Aristida dominii B.K.Simon
  40. Aristida echinata Henrard
  41. Aristida echinata var. nitidula Henrard
  42. Aristida exserta S.T.Blake
  43. Aristida forsteri B.K.Simon
  44. Aristida glumaris Henrard
  45. Aristida gracilipes (Domin) Henrard
  46. Aristida granitica B.K.Simon
  47. Aristida helicophylla S.T.Blake
  48. Aristida heterochaeta Henrard
  49. Aristida hirta Domin
  50. Aristida holathera Domin
  51. Aristida holathera Domin var. holathera
  52. Aristida holathera var. latifolia (B.K.Simon) B.K.Simon
  53. Aristida hygrometrica R.Br.
  54. Aristida inaequiglumis Domin
  55. Aristida ingrata Domin
  56. Aristida ingrata var. jerichoensis Domin
  57. Aristida intricata S.T.Blake
  58. Aristida jerichoensis (Domin) Henrard
  59. Aristida jerichoensis (Domin) Henrard var. jerichoensis
  60. Aristida jerichoensis var. subspinulifera Henrard
  61. Aristida kimberleyensis B.K.Simon
  62. Aristida latifolia Domin
  63. Aristida latifolia var. minor J.M.Black
  64. Aristida latzii B.K.Simon
  65. Aristida lazaridis B.K.Simon
  66. Aristida leichhardtiana Domin
  67. Aristida leptopoda Benth.
  68. Aristida lignosa B.K.Simon
  69. Aristida longicollis (Domin) Henrard
  70. Aristida macroclada Henrard
  71. Aristida macroclada subsp. queenslandica B.K.Simon
  72. Aristida macroclada Henrard var. macroclada
  73. Aristida macroclada var. queenslandica (B.K.Simon) Veldkamp
  74. Aristida muelleri Henrard
  75. Aristida muricata Henrard
  76. Aristida nitidula (Henrard) S.T.Blake ex J.M.Black
  77. Aristida nitidula (Henrard) S.T.Blake
  78. Aristida novaeguineae Ohwi
  79. Aristida obscura Henrard
  80. Aristida obscura var. luxurians Henrard
  81. Aristida parviflora Steud.
  82. Aristida peregrina Henrard
  83. Aristida perniciosa Domin
  84. Aristida personata Henrard
  85. Aristida platychaeta S.T.Blake
  86. Aristida polyclados Domin
  87. Aristida praealta (Domin) Henrard
  88. Aristida pruinosa Domin
  89. Aristida pruinosa var. tenuis C.A.Gardner
  90. Aristida psammophila Henrard
  91. Aristida queenslandica Henrard
  92. Aristida queenslandica var. dissimilis (S.T.Blake) B.K.Simon
  93. Aristida queenslandica Henrard var. queenslandica
  94. Aristida ramosa R.Br.
  95. Aristida ramosa var. compacta Benth.
  96. Aristida ramosa var. leptathera Benth.
  97. Aristida ramosa var. scaberula Henrard
  98. Aristida ramosa var. speciosa Henrard
  99. Aristida ramosa R.Br. x Aristida vagans Cav.
  100. Aristida schultzii Mez
  101. Aristida sciuroides Domin
  102. Aristida spuria Domin
  103. Aristida stipoides R.Br.
  104. Aristida stipoides var. brachyathera Domin
  105. Aristida streptachne Domin
  106. Aristida strigosa (Henrard) S.T.Blake ex J.M.Black
  107. Aristida superpendens Domin
  108. Aristida thompsonii B.K.Simon
  109. Aristida utilis F.M.Bailey
  110. Aristida utilis var. grandiflora B.K.Simon
  111. Aristida utilis F.M.Bailey var. utilis
  112. Aristida vagans Cav.
  113. Aristida vagans var. compacta Benth.
  114. Aristida vagans var. gracilipes Domin
  115. Aristida vagans var. gracillima Benth.
  116. Aristida vickeryae B.K.Simon
  117. Aristida warburgii Mez
  118. Arthratherum arenarium (Gaudich.) Nees
  119. Arthratherum hygrometricum (R.Br.) P.Beauv.
  120. Arthratherum stipoides P.Beauv.
  121. Bunched Kerosene Grass
  122. Chaetaria calicina (R.Br.) P.Beauv.
  123. Chaetaria ramosa (R.Br.) Roem. & Schult.
  124. Dark Wiregrass
  125. Feathertop Threeawn
  126. Feathertop Wiregrass
  127. Gulf Feathertop Wiregrass
  128. Jericho Wiregrass
  129. Many-headed Wiregrass
  130. Northern Kerosene Grass
  131. Purple Wiregrass
  132. Stipa streptachne F.Muell.
  133. Streptachne stipoides R.Br.
  134. Threeawn Speargrass
  135. Two Gland Threeawn
  136. White Speargrass
  137. Yellow Threeawn

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