Vascular Plants

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Ross, J.H. in Ross, J.H. (ed.) (September 1996), A Census of the Vascular Plants of Victoria Edn. 5 : null - null (Section) Ross, J.H. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Astrotricha aff. linearis (Suggan Buggan)
  2. Astrotricha aff. longifolia (Bogong)
  3. Astrotricha aff. longifolia (Howe Ranges)
  4. Astrotricha sp. Howe Range
  5. Boronia anemonifolia subsp. A (Typical Form) J.H.Ross
  6. Boronia anemonifolia subsp. B (Wilsons Promontory) J.H.Ross
  7. Boronia anemonifolia subsp. C (Rushworth) J.H.Ross
  8. Bracteantha sp. aff. subundulata
  9. Caladenia cardiochila Tate
  10. Caladenia concinna (Rupp) D.L.Jones & M.A.Clem.
  11. Caleana sp. aff. nigrita (Horsham)
  12. Celmisia sp. 1
  13. Celmisia sp. 2
  14. Celmisia sp. 3
  15. Celmisia sp. 4
  16. Chiloglottis sp. A (Eastern Highlands)
  17. Chrysocephalum aff. apiculatum (Annual)
  18. Chrysocephalum aff. apiculatum (Inland Plains)
  19. Corunastylis sp. aff. morrisii (Pyrete Ranges)
  20. Dichondra sp. aff. micrantha
  21. Diplaspis hydrocotyle Hook.f.
  22. Dipodium aff. roseum (Blotched labellum)
  23. Diuris corymbosa Lindl.
  24. Diuris lanceolata Lindl.
  25. Eryngium plantagineum F.Muell.
  26. Euchiton argentifolius (N.A.Wakef.) Anderb.
  27. Euchiton fordianus (M.Gray) P.S.Short
  28. Euchiton gymnocephalus (DC.) Holub
  29. Euchiton involucratus (G.Forst.) Holub
  30. Euchiton nitidulus (Hook.f.) Anderb.
  31. Euchiton sp. (Alps)
  32. Euchiton sphaericus (Willd.) Holub
  33. Euchiton traversii (Hook.f.) Holub
  34. Genoplesium sp. aff. morrisii (Pyrete Ranges)
  35. Leptospermum aff. continentale
  36. Nymphoides sp. aff. montana (Western Victoria)
  37. Olearia rugosa (F.Muell. ex W.Archer bis) Hutch.
  38. Olearia sp. (North West)
  39. Olearia sp. aff. axillaris
  40. Olearia sp. aff. lanuginosa (Mornington Peninsula)
  41. Pelargonium aff. rodneyanum
  42. Podolepis sp. aff. jaceoides (Basalt Plains)
  43. Prasophyllum campestre R.J.Bates & D.L.Jones
  44. Prasophyllum pallidum Nicholls
  45. Pratia sp. aff. pedunculata (South-western Victoria)
  46. Senecio angulatus L.f.
  47. Senecio behrianus Sond. & F.Muell.
  48. Senecio biserratus Belcher
  49. Senecio cahillii Belcher
  50. Senecio cunninghamii DC.
  51. Senecio cunninghamii DC. var. cunninghamii
  52. Senecio diaschides D.G.Drury
  53. Senecio elegans L.
  54. Senecio georgianus DC.
  55. Senecio gunnii (Hook.f.) Belcher
  56. Senecio hispidulus A.Rich.
  57. Senecio hispidulus var. dissectus (Benth.) Belcher
  58. Senecio hispidulus A.Rich. var. hispidulus
  59. Senecio hypoleucus F.Muell. ex Benth.
  60. Senecio jacobaea L.
  61. Senecio laticostatus Belcher
  62. Senecio linearifolius A.Rich.
  63. Senecio macrocarpus F.Muell. ex Belcher
  64. Senecio magnificus F.Muell.
  65. Senecio sp. (Alps)
  66. Senecio sp. aff. squarrosus (South West Swamps)
  67. Senecio sp. aff. tenuiflorus
  68. Senecio sp. aff. tenuiflorus (South-west)
  69. Spyridium sp. nov. (Little Desert)
  70. Stylidium aff. graminifolium (Montane Swamps)
  71. Stylidium graminifolium Sw. var. graminifolium
  72. Swainsona luteola F.Muell.
  73. Thelymitra decora Cheeseman
  74. Trachymene sp. aff. bialata

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