Vascular Plants

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Duretto, M.F. in Walsh, N.G. & Entwisle, T.J. (ed.) (1999), Sapindaceae. Flora of Victoria 4 : 139-149 (Paper) Duretto, M.F. Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Alectryon Gaertn.
  2. Alectryon oleifolius subsp. canescens S.T.Reynolds
  3. Alectryon subcinereus (A.Gray) Radlk.
  4. Angular Hop-Bush
  5. Broad-leaf Hop-Bush
  6. Bullock Bush
  7. Cattle Bush
  8. Cupania subcinerea A.Gray
  9. Desert Hop-Bush
  10. Dodonaea Mill.
  11. Dodonaea angustifolia L.f.
  12. Dodonaea angustissima DC.
  13. Dodonaea aspleniifolia Rudge
  14. Dodonaea attenuata A.Cunn.
  15. Dodonaea attenuata var. linearis Benth.
  16. Dodonaea boroniifolia G.Don
  17. Dodonaea bursariifolia F.Muell.
  18. Dodonaea bursariifolia var. major Benth.
  19. Dodonaea caleyana G.Don
  20. Dodonaea calycina A.Cunn. ex Domin
  21. Dodonaea cuneata Sm.
  22. Dodonaea cuneata var. coriacea Benth.
  23. Dodonaea denticulata F.Muell.
  24. Dodonaea heteromorpha J.G.West
  25. Dodonaea hexandra F.Muell.
  26. Dodonaea hirtella Miq.
  27. Dodonaea laurina Sieber ex Spreng.
  28. Dodonaea procumbens F.Muell.
  29. Dodonaea rhombifolia N.A.Wakef.
  30. Dodonaea salicifolia DC.
  31. Dodonaea spatulata Sm.
  32. Dodonaea stenozyga F.Muell.
  33. Dodonaea triquetra J.C.Wendl.
  34. Dodonaea truncatiales F.Muell.
  35. Dodonaea truncatiales var. heterophylla Maiden & Betche
  36. Dodonaea viscosa Jacq.
  37. Dodonaea viscosa subsp. angustifolia (L.f.) J.G.West
  38. Dodonaea viscosa subsp. angustissima (DC.) J.G.West
  39. Dodonaea viscosa subsp. cuneata (Sm.) J.G.West
  40. Dodonaea viscosa subsp. spatulata (Sm.) J.G.West
  41. Dodonaea viscosa var. angustifolia (L.f.) Benth.
  42. Dodonaea viscosa var. linearis (Harv. & Sond.) Sherff
  43. Dodonaea viscosa var. spatulata (Sm.) Benth.
  44. Hairy Hop-Bush
  45. Heterodendron macrocalyx Radlk.
  46. Heterodendron oleifolium var. macrocalyx Domin
  47. Horned Hop-bush
  48. Large-leaf Hop-Bush
  49. Narrow-leaf Hop-bush
  50. Native Quince
  51. Nephelium leiocarpum Benth.
  52. Quince
  53. Rosewood
  54. Sapindaceae Juss.
  55. Slender Hop-bush
  56. Small Hop-Bush
  57. Smooth Rambutan
  58. Spanoghea nephelioides F.Muell.
  59. Sticky Hop-Bush
  60. Sticky Hop-bush
  61. Trailing Hop Bush
  62. Wedge-leaf Hop-bush
  63. Wild Quince

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