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Chinnock, R.J. in Jessop, J.P. (ed.) (1981), Myoporaceae. Flora of Central Australia : 338-348, Figs 443-447 (Section) Chinnock, R.J. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Eremophila R.Br.
  2. Eremophila abietina Kraenzl.
  3. Eremophila alatisepala Chinnock
  4. Eremophila alternifolia R.Br.
  5. Eremophila angustifolia (S.Moore) Ostenf.
  6. Eremophila arachnoides subsp. tenera Chinnock
  7. Eremophila battii F.Muell.
  8. Eremophila berryi F.Muell.
  9. Eremophila bignoniiflora (Benth.) F.Muell.
  10. Eremophila bowmanii F.Muell.
  11. Eremophila bowmanii F.Muell. var. bowmanii
  12. Eremophila bowmanii var. latifolia L.S.Sm.
  13. Eremophila calycina S.Moore
  14. Eremophila castelli-arminii E.Pritz.
  15. Eremophila christophori F.Muell.
  16. Eremophila clarkei Oldfield & F.Muell.
  17. Eremophila cordatisepala L.S.Sm.
  18. Eremophila cuneifolia Kraenzl.
  19. Eremophila dalyana F.Muell.
  20. Eremophila duttonii F.Muell.
  21. Eremophila elderi F.Muell.
  22. Eremophila eriocalyx F.Muell.
  23. Eremophila exilifolia F.Muell.
  24. Eremophila exotrachys Kraenzl.
  25. Eremophila falcata Chinnock
  26. Eremophila fraseri F.Muell.
  27. Eremophila freelingii F.Muell.
  28. Eremophila gibsonii F.Muell.
  29. Eremophila gilesii F.Muell.
  30. Eremophila glabra (R.Br.) Ostenf.
  31. Eremophila glutinosa Chinnock
  32. Eremophila goodwinii F.Muell.
  33. Eremophila homoplastica (S.Moore) C.A.Gardner
  34. Eremophila hughesii F.Muell.
  35. Eremophila latrobei F.Muell.
  36. Eremophila latrobei var. glabra L.S.Sm.
  37. Eremophila leonhardiana E.Pritz.
  38. Eremophila leucophylla Benth.
  39. Eremophila linearis Chinnock
  40. Eremophila linsmithii R.J.F.Hend.
  41. Eremophila longifolia (R.Br.) F.Muell.
  42. Eremophila macdonnellii F.Muell.
  43. Eremophila macgillivrayi J.M.Black
  44. Eremophila maculata (Ker Gawl.) F.Muell.
  45. Eremophila maculata var. brevifolia Benth.
  46. Eremophila maculata (Ker Gawl.) F.Muell. var. maculata
  47. Eremophila margarethae S.Moore
  48. Eremophila miniata C.A.Gardner
  49. Eremophila neglecta J.M.Black
  50. Eremophila obovata L.S.Sm.
  51. Eremophila obovata var. glabriuscula L.S.Sm.
  52. Eremophila obovata L.S.Sm. var. obovata
  53. Eremophila oldfieldii var. angustifolia S.Moore
  54. Eremophila oppositifolia R.Br.
  55. Eremophila oppositifolia R.Br. var. oppositifolia
  56. Eremophila oppositifolia var. rubra C.T.White & W.D.Francis
  57. Eremophila ovata Chinnock
  58. Eremophila paisleyi F.Muell.
  59. Eremophila pentaptera J.M.Black
  60. Eremophila platycalyx var. lancifolia Kraenzl.
  61. Eremophila polyclada (F.Muell.) F.Muell.
  62. Eremophila punctata Chinnock
  63. Eremophila ramosissima C.A.Gardner
  64. Eremophila rotundifolia F.Muell.
  65. Eremophila scoparia (R.Br.) F.Muell.
  66. Eremophila serrulata (A.Cunn. ex A.DC.) Druce
  67. Eremophila spinescens Chinnock
  68. Eremophila strehlowii E.Pritz.
  69. Eremophila sturtii R.Br.
  70. Eremophila tetraptera C.T.White
  71. Eremophila turtonii F.Muell.
  72. Eremophila undulata Chinnock
  73. Eremophila verrucosa Chinnock
  74. Eremophila willsii F.Muell.
  75. Eremophila xanthotricha Diels
  76. Eremophila youngii F.Muell.
  77. Myoporaceae R.Br.
  78. Myoporum Banks & Sol. ex G.Forst.
  79. Myoporum acuminatum R.Br.
  80. Myoporum deserti A.Cunn. ex Benth.
  81. Myoporum platycarpum R.Br.
  82. Myoporum refractum Maiden & Betche
  83. Native myrtle
  84. Pholidia dalyana (F.Muell.) Benth.
  85. Pholidia scoparia R.Br.
  86. Sugar tree
  87. Turpentine bush
  88. false sandalwood
  89. sugar wood

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