Vascular Plants

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Orchard, A.E. in Wilson, A.J.G. (ed.) (2015), Asteraceae Trib. Heliantheae Subtrib. 7. Ambrosiinae. Flora of Australia 37 : 558-571 (Section) Orchard, A.E. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Ambrosia L.
  2. Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.
  3. Ambrosia confertiflora DC.
  4. Ambrosia maritima L.
  5. Ambrosia psilostachya DC.
  6. Ambrosia tenuifolia Spreng.
  7. Ambrosieae Less.
  8. Ambrosiinae Less.
  9. Annual Ragweed
  10. Bathurst Burr
  11. Bitterweed
  12. Burr Ragweed
  13. Californian Burr
  14. Clotburr
  15. Cockleburr
  16. Cockleburrs
  17. European Cockleburr
  18. Franseria confertiflora (DC.) Rydb.
  19. Franseria tenuifolia Harv. & Gray
  20. Hay-feverweed
  21. Hog-weed
  22. Hunter Burr
  23. Italian Cockleburr
  24. Iva L.
  25. Iva axillaris subsp. robustior (Hook.) Bassett
  26. Iva axillaris var. robustior Hook.
  27. Lacy Ragweed
  28. Large Cockleburr
  29. Noogoora Burr
  30. Parthenium L.
  31. Parthenium Weed
  32. Parthenium hysterophorus L.
  33. Perennial Ragweed
  34. Poverty Weed
  35. Ragweeds
  36. South American Burr
  37. Spiny Clotburr
  38. Spiny Cocklebur
  39. Xanthium L.
  40. Xanthium 'cavanillesii complex'
  41. Xanthium 'chinense complex'
  42. Xanthium 'italicum complex'
  43. Xanthium 'pennsylvanicum complex'
  44. Xanthium ambrosioides Hook. & Arn.
  45. Xanthium californicum Greene
  46. Xanthium canescens (Costa) Widder
  47. Xanthium catharticum Kunth
  48. Xanthium cavanillesii Schouw
  49. Xanthium chinense Mill.
  50. Xanthium italicum Moretti
  51. Xanthium occidentale Bertol.
  52. Xanthium orientale L.
  53. Xanthium pungens Wallr.
  54. Xanthium spinosum L.
  55. Xanthium spinosum var. canescens Costa

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