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Walsh, N.G. in Wilson, A.J.G. (ed.) (2015), Centipeda. Flora of Australia 37 : 430-442 (Section) Walsh, N.G. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Artemisia minima L.
  2. Artemisia sternutatoria Roxb.
  3. Centipeda Lour.
  4. Centipeda 92472 Toko Range
  5. Centipeda D17777 Sanctuary Swamp NT Herbarium
  6. Centipeda D18576 Andado
  7. Centipeda borealis N.G.Walsh
  8. Centipeda crateriformis N.G.Walsh
  9. Centipeda crateriformis subsp. compacta N.G.Walsh
  10. Centipeda crateriformis N.G.Walsh subsp. crateriformis
  11. Centipeda cunninghamii (DC.) A.Braun & Asch.
  12. Centipeda elatinoides (Less.) Benth. & Hook.f. ex O.Hoffm.
  13. Centipeda minima (L.) A.Braun & Asch.
  14. Centipeda minima subsp. A59820 Elkedra
  15. Centipeda minima subsp. A94915 N'Dhala Gorge
  16. Centipeda minima subsp. macrocephala N.G.Walsh
  17. Centipeda minima (L.) A.Braun & Asch. subsp. minima
  18. Centipeda minima var. lanuginosa (DC.) Domin
  19. Centipeda nidiformis N.G.Walsh
  20. Centipeda orbicularis Lour.
  21. Centipeda orbicularis var. lanuginosa (DC.) F.M.Bailey
  22. Centipeda orbicularis var. sternutatoria F.M.Bailey
  23. Centipeda pleiocephala N.G.Walsh
  24. Centipeda racemosa (Hook.) F.Muell.
  25. Centipeda racemosa var. lanata F.M.Bailey
  26. Centipeda sp. 1
  27. Centipeda sp. D14869 borealis
  28. Centipeda sp. aff. minima (Mallee)
  29. Centipeda sp. aff. thespidioides (North-west)
  30. Centipeda thespidioides F.Muell.
  31. Cotula cunninghami F.Muell.
  32. Cotula minuta G.Forst.
  33. Cotula sternutatoria Wall.
  34. Gukwonderuk
  35. Inteng-inteng
  36. Karengkal
  37. Kata-palkalpa
  38. Munyu-parnti-parnti
  39. Myriogyne Less.
  40. Myriogyne cunninghamii DC.
  41. Myriogyne elatinoides Less.
  42. Myriogyne minuta (G.Forst.) Less.
  43. Myriogyne minuta var. lanuginosa DC.
  44. Myriogyne racemosa Hook.
  45. Old Man Weed
  46. Sphaeromorphaea DC.

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