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Bostock, P.D. in McCarthy, P.M. (ed.) (1998), Thelypteridaceae. Flora of Australia 48 : 327-358 (Section) Bostock, P.D. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Abacopteris Fée
  2. Abacopteris aspera (C.Presl) Ching
  3. Abacopteris triphylla (Sw.) Ching
  4. Alsophila polypodioides Hook.
  5. Ampelopteris Kunze
  6. Ampelopteris elegans Kunze
  7. Ampelopteris prolifera (Retz.) Copel.
  8. Amphineuron Holttum
  9. Amphineuron immersum (Blume) Holttum
  10. Amphineuron opulentum (Kaulf.) Holttum
  11. Amphineuron queenslandicum Holttum
  12. Amphineuron terminans (Hook.) Holttum
  13. Aspidium aridum D.Don
  14. Aspidium extensum Blume
  15. Aspidium heterocarpum Blume
  16. Aspidium hispidulum Decne.
  17. Aspidium immersum Blume
  18. Aspidium molle Sw.
  19. Aspidium molle var. truncatum F.M.Bailey
  20. Aspidium nymphale (G.Forst.) Schkuhr
  21. Aspidium opulentum Kaulf.
  22. Aspidium subpubescens Blume
  23. Aspidium truncatum Gaudich.
  24. Aspidium uliginosum Kunze
  25. Aspidium unitum (L.) Sw.
  26. Aspidium unitum var. propinquum F.M.Bailey
  27. Chingia Holttum
  28. Chingia australis Holttum
  29. Christella H.Lev.
  30. Christella arida (D.Don) Holttum
  31. Christella dentata (Forssk.) Brownsey & Jermy
  32. Christella dentata var. caespitosa Holttum
  33. Christella hispidula (Decne.) Holttum
  34. Christella parasitica (L.) H.Lev.
  35. Christella subpubescens (Blume) Holttum
  36. Cyclosorus Link
  37. Cyclosorus aridus (G.Don) Ching
  38. Cyclosorus dentatus (Forssk.) Ching
  39. Cyclosorus extensus (Blume) Ching
  40. Cyclosorus gongylodes var. hirsutus (Mett.) Farw.
  41. Cyclosorus interruptus (Willd.) H.Ito
  42. Cyclosorus nymphalis (G.Forst.) Ching
  43. Cyclosorus parasiticus (L.) Farw.
  44. Cyclosorus penniger (G.Forst.) Ching
  45. Cyclosorus pennigerus Ching
  46. Cyclosorus repandulus (Alderw.) Ching
  47. Cyclosorus sumatranus (Alderw.) Ching
  48. Cyclosorus truncatus (Poir.) Farw.
  49. Cyclosorus unitus (L.) Ching
  50. Dryopteris leucolepis (C.Presl) Maxon
  51. Dryopteris pennigera (G.Forst.) C.Chr.
  52. Dryopteris prolifera (Retz.) C.Chr.
  53. Dryopteris repandula Alderw.
  54. Dryopteris sogerensis A.Gepp
  55. Dryopteris sumatrana Alderw.
  56. Dryopteris truncata (Gaudich.) Kuntze
  57. Dryopteris urophylla (Keyserl.) C.Chr.
  58. Goniopteris costata Brack.
  59. Goniopteris kennedyi (F.Muell.) F.M.Bailey
  60. Hemionitis prolifera Retz.
  61. Lastrea leucolepis C.Presl
  62. Macrothelypteris (H.Ito) Ching
  63. Macrothelypteris polypodioides (Hook.) Holttum
  64. Macrothelypteris torresiana (Gaudich.) Ching
  65. Meniscium kennedyi F.Muell.
  66. Meniscium triphyllum Sw.
  67. Mesochlaena R.Br.
  68. Nephrodium molle (Sw.) R.Br.
  69. Nephrodium propinquum R.Br.
  70. Nephrodium squamulosum Hook.f.
  71. Nephrodium terminans Hook.
  72. Nephrodium tuberculatum Ces.
  73. Nephrodium unitum R.Br.
  74. Plesioneuron Holttum
  75. Plesioneuron tuberculatum (Ces.) Holttum
  76. Pneumatopteris Nakai
  77. Pneumatopteris costata (Brack.) Holttum
  78. Pneumatopteris pennigera (G.Forst.) Holttum
  79. Pneumatopteris sogerensis (A.Gepp) Holttum
  80. Polypodium asperum C.Presl
  81. Polypodium dentatum Forssk.
  82. Polypodium molle Jacq.
  83. Polypodium nymphale G.Forst.
  84. Polypodium parasiticum L.
  85. Polypodium pennigerum G.Forst.
  86. Polypodium proliferum Kaulf.
  87. Polypodium unitum L.
  88. Polypodium urophyllum Wall. ex Hook.
  89. Polystichum torresianum Gaudich.
  90. Pronephrium C.Presl
  91. Pronephrium asperum (C.Presl) Holttum
  92. Pronephrium triphyllum (Sw.) Holttum
  93. Pteris confluens Thunb.
  94. Pteris interrupta Willd.
  95. Sphaerostephanos J.Sm.
  96. Sphaerostephanos heterocarpus (Blume) Holttum
  97. Sphaerostephanos invisus (G.Forst.) Holttum
  98. Sphaerostephanos unitus (L.) Holttum
  99. Sphaerostephanos unitus (L.) Holttum var. unitus
  100. Taiwanese Tree fern
  101. Thelypteridaceae Pic.Serm.
  102. Thelypteris Schmidel
  103. Thelypteris arida (D.Don) C.V.Morton
  104. Thelypteris aspera (C.Presl) C.F.Reed
  105. Thelypteris confluens (Thunb.) C.V.Morton
  106. Thelypteris costata (Brack.) C.F.Reed
  107. Thelypteris dentata (Forssk.) H.St.John
  108. Thelypteris heterocarpa (Blume) C.V.Morton
  109. Thelypteris hispidula (Decne.) C.F.Reed
  110. Thelypteris immersa (Blume) Ching
  111. Thelypteris interrupta (Willd.) K.Iwats.
  112. Thelypteris opulenta (Kaulf.) Fosberg
  113. Thelypteris parasitica (L.) K.Iwats.
  114. Thelypteris pennigera (G.Forst.) Allan
  115. Thelypteris prolifera (Retz.) C.F.Reed
  116. Thelypteris sect. Macrothelypteris H.Ito
  117. Thelypteris sogerensis (A.Gepp) C.F.Reed
  118. Thelypteris subpubescens (Blume) K.Iwats.
  119. Thelypteris terminans (Hook.) Tagawa & K.Iwats.
  120. Thelypteris torresiana (Gaudich.) Alston
  121. Thelypteris triphylla (Sw.) K.Iwats.
  122. Thelypteris tuberculata (Ces.) Ching
  123. Thelypteris uliginosa (Kunze) Ching
  124. Thelypteris unita (L.) C.V.Morton

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