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Rye, B.L. (17 December 1999), A taxonomic revision of the many-flowered species of Trachymene (Apiaceae) in Western Australia. Nuytsia 13(1) : 193-232 (Paper) Rye, B.L. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Blue Lace Flower
  2. Didiscus DC. ex Hook.
  3. Didiscus anisocarpus (Turcz.) F.Muell. ex Schltdl.
  4. Didiscus benthamii Domin f. benthamii
  5. Didiscus benthamii f. microcarpus Domin
  6. Didiscus benthamii f. muricatus Domin
  7. Didiscus benthamii f. tuberculatus Domin
  8. Didiscus benthamii Domin var. benthamii
  9. Didiscus benthamii var. typicus Domin
  10. Didiscus bialatus Domin
  11. Didiscus coeruleus (Graham) DC. ex Hook.
  12. Didiscus croninianus F.Muell.
  13. Didiscus cyaneus DC.
  14. Didiscus dusenii Domin
  15. Didiscus glaucifolius F.Muell.
  16. Didiscus grandis (Turcz.) F.Muell. ex Schltdl.
  17. Didiscus hemicarpus F.Muell.
  18. Didiscus microcephalus Domin
  19. Didiscus oleraceus Domin
  20. Didiscus pilosus Benth.
  21. Didiscus sect. Hemicarpus (F.Muell.) F.Muell.
  22. Didiscus sect. Pseudocalycina Domin
  23. Didiscus setosus O.Schwarz
  24. Didiscus setulosus F.Muell. ex Schltdl.
  25. Didiscus setulosus var. fililoba F.Muell.
  26. Didiscus villosus (F.Muell.) F.Muell. ex Schltdl.
  27. Dimetopia anisocarpa Turcz.
  28. Dimetopia grandis Turcz.
  29. Dimetopia sect. Anisocarpaea Turcz.
  30. Hemicarpus didiscoides F.Muell.
  31. Hemicarpus villosus F.Muell.
  32. Huegelia coerulea (Graham) Rchb.
  33. Rottnest Island Daisy
  34. Trachymene anisocarpa (Turcz.) B.L.Burtt
  35. Trachymene anisocarpa (Turcz.) B.L.Burtt var. anisocarpa
  36. Trachymene anisocarpa var. trichocarpa Rye
  37. Trachymene bialata (Domin) B.L.Burtt
  38. Trachymene coerulea Graham
  39. Trachymene coerulea Graham subsp. coerulea
  40. Trachymene coerulea subsp. leucopetala (F.Muell. ex Benth.) Rye
  41. Trachymene coerulea Graham var. coerulea
  42. Trachymene coerulea var. leucopetala F.Muell. ex Benth.
  43. Trachymene croniniana (F.Muell.) T.Durand & B.D.Jacks.
  44. Trachymene cyanea A.Cunn. ex DC.
  45. Trachymene dendrothrix Maconochie
  46. Trachymene didiscoides (F.Muell.) B.L.Burtt
  47. Trachymene dusenii (Domin) F.M.Bailey
  48. Trachymene glaucifolia (F.Muell.) Benth.
  49. Trachymene grandis (Turcz.) Rye
  50. Trachymene hemicarpa Benth.
  51. Trachymene microcephala (Domin) B.L.Burtt
  52. Trachymene oleracea (Domin) B.L.Burtt
  53. Trachymene oleracea (Domin) B.L.Burtt subsp. oleracea
  54. Trachymene oleracea subsp. sedimenta Rye
  55. Trachymene oleracea subsp. sedimentum Rye
  56. Trachymene pilbarensis Rye
  57. Trachymene pyrophila Rye
  58. Trachymene sect. Didiscus (Hook.) Rye
  59. Trachymene sect. Hemicarpus (F.Muell.) Rye
  60. Trachymene setosa (O.Schwarz) B.L.Burtt
  61. Trachymene setosus Rye
  62. Trachymene setulosa Druce
  63. Trachymene sp.
  64. Trachymene sp. A
  65. Trachymene sp. Esperance (R.J.Cranfield 1370)
  66. Trachymene sp. Kennedy Range (G.J.Keighery & N.Gibson 719)
  67. Trachymene sp. Napier (D.E.Symon 7015)
  68. Trachymene sp. Pilbara (R.A.Saffrey 1117)
  69. Trachymene sp. Ravensthorpe (T.E.H.Aplin 2735)
  70. Trachymene sp. Walpole (A.S.George 15063)
  71. Trachymene villosa (F.Muell.) Benth.

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