Vascular Plants

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Curry, S. & Chapman, A.R. (25 January 1996), Update to the informal names used in "Flora of the Kimberley Region". Nuytsia 10(3) : 464-466 (Paper) Curry, S. & Chapman, A.R. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Acacia delicatula Tindale & Kodela
  2. Acacia kenneallyi R.S.Cowan & Maslin
  3. Acacia manipularis R.S.Cowan & Maslin
  4. Acacia oligoneura F.Muell.
  5. Acacia sp. B Kimberley Flora
  6. Acacia sp. C Kimberley Flora
  7. Acacia sp. D Kimberley Flora
  8. Acacia sp. J Kimberley Flora
  9. Acacia sp. K Kimberley Flora
  10. Acacia synchronicia Maslin
  11. Amyema dolichopoda Barlow
  12. Amyema eburna (Barlow) Barlow
  13. Amyema pyriformis Barlow
  14. Amyema sp. A Kimberley Flora
  15. Amyema sp. B Kimberley Flora
  16. Amyema sp. C Kimberley Flora
  17. Aristolochia sp. A Kimberley Flora
  18. Aristolochia tagala Cham.
  19. Corchorus capsularis L.
  20. Corchorus sp. A Kimberley Flora
  21. Cyperus astartodes K.L.Wilson
  22. Cyperus blakeanus K.L.Wilson
  23. Cyperus cracens K.L.Wilson
  24. Cyperus crispulus K.L.Wilson
  25. Cyperus cunninghamii subsp. A Kimberley Flora
  26. Cyperus cunninghamii subsp. uniflorus K.L.Wilson
  27. Cyperus latzii K.L.Wilson
  28. Cyperus microcephalus subsp. A Kimberley Flora
  29. Cyperus microcephalus subsp. B Kimberley Flora
  30. Cyperus microcephalus subsp. chersophilus K.L.Wilson
  31. Cyperus microcephalus subsp. saxicola K.L.Wilson
  32. Cyperus sp. A Kimberley Flora
  33. Cyperus sp. B Kimberley Flora
  34. Cyperus sp. C Kimberley Flora
  35. Cyperus sp. D Kimberley Flora
  36. Cyperus sp. E Kimberley Flora
  37. Drosera ordensis Lowrie
  38. Drosera sp. A Kimberley Flora
  39. Eucalyptus gymnoteles L.A.S.Johnson & K.D.Hill
  40. Eucalyptus obconica Brooker & Kleinig
  41. Eucalyptus sp. A Kimberley Flora
  42. Eucalyptus sp. B Kimberley Flora
  43. Euphorbia kimberleyensis B.G.Thomson
  44. Euphorbia maconochieana B.G.Thomson
  45. Euphorbia sp. A Kimberley Flora
  46. Euphorbia sp. C Kimberley Flora
  47. Fimbristylis blepharolepis J.Kern
  48. Fimbristylis sp. J Kimberley Flora
  49. Glycine pindanica Tindale & Craven
  50. Glycine sp. A Kimberley Flora
  51. Gomphrena brachystylis F.Muell.
  52. Gomphrena sp. D Kimberley Flora
  53. Gossypium sp. A Kimberley Flora
  54. Hedyotis sp. A Kimberley Flora
  55. Merremia quinata (R.Br.) Ooststr.
  56. Merremia sp. A Kimberley Flora
  57. Mitrasacme nummularia S.Moore
  58. Mitrasacme sp. H Kimberley Flora
  59. Oldenlandia kochiae Halford
  60. Prosopis glandulosa Torr.
  61. Prosopis pallida (Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd.) Kunth
  62. Prosopis sp. A Kimberley Flora
  63. Scleria lingulata C.B.Clarke
  64. Scleria sp. A Kimberley Flora
  65. Tribulus platypterus Benth.
  66. Tribulus sp. A Kimberley Flora
  67. Triumfetta pentandra A.Rich.
  68. Triumfetta sp. C Kimberley Flora

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