Vascular Plants

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Scott, A.J. (9 June 1978), A revision of the Camphorosmioideae (Chenopodiaceae). Feddes Repertorium Beiheft 89(2-3) : 101-119 (Paper) Scott, A.J. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Anisacantha R.Br.
  2. Anisacantha anisacanthoides (F.Muell.) Druce
  3. Anisacantha bicuspis F.Muell.
  4. Anisacantha birchii F.Muell.
  5. Anisacantha diacantha Nees
  6. Anisacantha divaricata R.Br.
  7. Anisacantha drummondii Benth.
  8. Anisacantha glabra (F.Muell.) Benth.
  9. Anisacantha gracilicuspis F.Muell.
  10. Anisacantha hispida S.Moore
  11. Anisacantha kentropsidea F.Muell.
  12. Anisacantha lanicuspis F.Muell.
  13. Anisacantha muricata var. villosa Benth.
  14. Anisacantha tricuspis F.Muell.
  15. Austrobassia sect. Stelligerae Ulbr.
  16. Babbagia F.Muell.
  17. Babbagia dipterocarpa F.Muell.
  18. Bassia All.
  19. Bassia aellenii Ising
  20. Bassia albolanata Ising
  21. Bassia andersonii Ising
  22. Bassia articulata J.M.Black
  23. Bassia astrocarpa F.Muell.
  24. Bassia beaugleholei Ising
  25. Bassia bicornis (Lindl.) F.Muell.
  26. Bassia biflora (R.Br.) F.Muell.
  27. Bassia biflora var. villosa Ising
  28. Bassia birchii var. cornishiana A.J.Scott
  29. Bassia blackiana Ising
  30. Bassia blakei Ising
  31. Bassia brevifolia Ising
  32. Bassia burbidgeae Ising
  33. Bassia calcarata Ising
  34. Bassia caput-casuarii J.H.Willis
  35. Bassia clavata Ising
  36. Bassia clelandii Ising
  37. Bassia constricta Ising
  38. Bassia convexula R.H.Anderson
  39. Bassia copleyi Ising
  40. Bassia cornishiana F.Muell.
  41. Bassia costata R.H.Anderson
  42. Bassia crenata Ising
  43. Bassia cristata Ising
  44. Bassia cucullata Ising
  45. Bassia decurrens J.M.Black
  46. Bassia densiflora W.Fitzg.
  47. Bassia diacantha (Nees) F.Muell.
  48. Bassia eichleri Ising
  49. Bassia eriacantha (F.Muell.) R.H.Anderson
  50. Bassia everistiana Ising
  51. Bassia filiformis Ising
  52. Bassia gardneri Ising
  53. Bassia georgei Ising
  54. Bassia globosa Ising
  55. Bassia hostilis Diels
  56. Bassia intricata R.H.Anderson
  57. Bassia johnsonii Ising
  58. Bassia lanata Ising
  59. Bassia limbata J.M.Black
  60. Bassia litoralis Diels
  61. Bassia longicuspis F.Muell.
  62. Bassia microcarpa R.H.Anderson
  63. Bassia minuta Ising
  64. Bassia murrayae Ising
  65. Bassia nitida Ising
  66. Bassia obconica Ising
  67. Bassia obliquicuspis R.H.Anderson
  68. Bassia oppositicuspis Ising
  69. Bassia paradoxa (R.Br.) F.Muell.
  70. Bassia paradoxa var. latifolia J.M.Black
  71. Bassia parallelicuspis R.H.Anderson
  72. Bassia parviflora R.H.Anderson
  73. Bassia patenticuspis R.H.Anderson
  74. Bassia quinquecuspis var. lanata Ising
  75. Bassia quinquecuspis var. semiglabra Ising
  76. Bassia ramsayae J.H.Willis
  77. Bassia ramulosa C.T.White
  78. Bassia scoparia (L.) A.J.Scott
  79. Bassia scrymgeouriae Ising
  80. Bassia All. sect. Bassia
  81. Bassia sect. Dissocarpus (F.Muell.) Volkens
  82. Bassia sect. Echinopsilon (Moq.) Volkens
  83. Bassia sect. Eriochiton R.H.Anderson
  84. Bassia sect. Kochia (Roth) Kuntze
  85. Bassia sect. Uncinatae Ulbr.
  86. Bassia All. ser. Bassia
  87. Bassia ser. Uncinatae (Ulbr.) A.J.Scott
  88. Bassia spinosa Ewart & O.B.Davies
  89. Bassia stylosa Ising
  90. Bassia symoniana Ising
  91. Bassia tatei F.Muell.
  92. Bassia tetracuspis C.T.White
  93. Bassia tridens F.Muell.
  94. Bassia tubata R.H.Anderson
  95. Bassia uniflora (R.Br.) F.Muell.
  96. Bassia urceolata Ising
  97. Bassia ventricosa J.M.Black
  98. Bassia walkeri C.T.White
  99. Bassia wilsonii Ising
  100. Chenolea Thunb.
  101. Chenolea diacantha (Nees) F.Muell.
  102. Chenolea muelleri Benth.
  103. Chenolea sect. Echinopsilon (Moq.) Hook.f.
  104. Chenopodium scoparia L.
  105. Didymanthus Endl.
  106. Dissocarpus F.Muell.
  107. Dissocarpus biflorus (R.Br.) F.Muell.
  108. Dissocarpus biflorus (R.Br.) F.Muell. var. biflorus
  109. Dissocarpus biflorus var. cephalocarpa A.J.Scott
  110. Dissocarpus biflorus var. cephalocarpus (F.Muell.) A.J.Scott
  111. Dissocarpus biflorus var. villosus (Ising) A.J.Scott
  112. Dissocarpus paradoxus (R.Br.) F.Muell. ex Ulbr.
  113. Dissocarpus paradoxus var. latifolius (J.M.Black) Ulbr.
  114. Duriala (R.H.Anderson) Ulbr.
  115. Echinopsilon anisacanthoides F.Muell.
  116. Echinopsilon eurotioides F.Muell.
  117. Echinopsilon sclerolaenoides F.Muell.
  118. Enchylaena R.Br.
  119. Eriochiton (R.H.Anderson) A.J.Scott
  120. Eriochiton sclerolaenoides (F.Muell.) A.J.Scott
  121. Kochia Roth
  122. Kochia brachyptera (F.Muell.) Benth.
  123. Kochia fimbriolata F.Muell.
  124. Maireana Moq.
  125. Maireana sclerolaenoides (F.Muell.) Paul G.Wilson
  126. Maireana sect. Asterocarpus F.Muell.
  127. Maireana stelligera F.Muell.
  128. Malacocera R.H.Anderson
  129. Neobassia A.J.Scott
  130. Neobassia astrocarpa (F.Muell.) A.J.Scott
  131. Neobassia proceriflora (F.Muell.) A.J.Scott
  132. Osteocarpum F.Muell.
  133. Roycea C.A.Gardner
  134. Sclerochlamys F.Muell.
  135. Sclerochlamys brachyptera F.Muell.
  136. Sclerolaena R.Br.
  137. Sclerolaena aellenii (Ising) A.J.Scott
  138. Sclerolaena albolanata (Ising) A.J.Scott
  139. Sclerolaena andersonii (Ising) A.J.Scott
  140. Sclerolaena anisacanthoides (F.Muell.) Domin
  141. Sclerolaena articulata (J.M.Black) A.J.Scott
  142. Sclerolaena astrocarpa (F.Muell.) Domin
  143. Sclerolaena beaugleholei (Ising) A.J.Scott
  144. Sclerolaena bicornis Lindl.
  145. Sclerolaena bicornis var. horrida Domin
  146. Sclerolaena bicuspis (F.Muell.) Domin
  147. Sclerolaena biflora R.Br.
  148. Sclerolaena biflora var. cephalocarpa F.Muell.
  149. Sclerolaena birchii (F.Muell.) Domin
  150. Sclerolaena blackei A.J.Scott
  151. Sclerolaena blackiana (Ising) A.J.Scott
  152. Sclerolaena blakei (Ising) A.J.Scott
  153. Sclerolaena brevifolia (Ising) A.J.Scott
  154. Sclerolaena burbidgeae (Ising) A.J.Scott
  155. Sclerolaena calcarata (Ising) A.J.Scott
  156. Sclerolaena clavata (Ising) A.J.Scott
  157. Sclerolaena clelandii (Ising) A.J.Scott
  158. Sclerolaena constricta (Ising) A.J.Scott
  159. Sclerolaena convexula (R.H.Anderson) A.J.Scott
  160. Sclerolaena copleyi (Ising) A.J.Scott
  161. Sclerolaena cornishiana (F.Muell.) A.J.Scott
  162. Sclerolaena costata (R.H.Anderson) A.J.Scott
  163. Sclerolaena crenata (Ising) A.J.Scott
  164. Sclerolaena cristata (Ising) A.J.Scott
  165. Sclerolaena cucullata (Ising) A.J.Scott
  166. Sclerolaena decurrens (J.M.Black) A.J.Scott
  167. Sclerolaena densiflora (W.Fitzg.) A.J.Scott
  168. Sclerolaena diacantha (Nees) Benth.
  169. Sclerolaena divaricata (R.Br.) Sm.
  170. Sclerolaena drummondii (Benth.) Domin
  171. Sclerolaena drummondii (Benth.) Domin var. drummondii
  172. Sclerolaena drummondii var. hispida (S.Moore) A.J.Scott
  173. Sclerolaena eichleri (Ising) A.J.Scott
  174. Sclerolaena eriacantha (F.Muell.) Ulbr.
  175. Sclerolaena eurotioides (F.Muell.) A.J.Scott
  176. Sclerolaena everistiana (Ising) A.J.Scott
  177. Sclerolaena filiformis (Ising) A.J.Scott
  178. Sclerolaena fimbriolata (F.Muell.) A.J.Scott
  179. Sclerolaena gardneri (Ising) A.J.Scott
  180. Sclerolaena glabra (F.Muell.) Domin
  181. Sclerolaena globosa (Ising) A.J.Scott
  182. Sclerolaena holtiana (Ising) A.J.Scott
  183. Sclerolaena hostilis (Diels) Domin
  184. Sclerolaena intricata (R.H.Anderson) A.J.Scott
  185. Sclerolaena johnsonii (Ising) A.J.Scott
  186. Sclerolaena lanata (Ising) A.J.Scott
  187. Sclerolaena lanicuspis (F.Muell.) F.Muell. ex Benth.
  188. Sclerolaena limbata (J.M.Black) Ulbr.
  189. Sclerolaena longicuspis (F.Muell.) A.J.Scott
  190. Sclerolaena microcarpa (R.H.Anderson) A.J.Scott
  191. Sclerolaena minuta (Ising) A.J.Scott
  192. Sclerolaena muelleri (Benth.) A.J.Scott
  193. Sclerolaena muricata (Moq.) Domin
  194. Sclerolaena muricata var. lanata (Ising) A.J.Scott
  195. Sclerolaena muricata var. semiglabra (Ising) A.J.Scott
  196. Sclerolaena muricata var. villosa (Benth.) Ulbr.
  197. Sclerolaena murrayae (Ising) A.J.Scott
  198. Sclerolaena nitida (Ising) A.J.Scott
  199. Sclerolaena obconica (Ising) A.J.Scott
  200. Sclerolaena obliquicuspis (R.H.Anderson) Ulbr.
  201. Sclerolaena oppositicuspis (Ising) A.J.Scott
  202. Sclerolaena paradoxa R.Br.
  203. Sclerolaena parallelicuspis (R.H.Anderson) A.J.Scott
  204. Sclerolaena parviflora (R.H.Anderson) A.J.Scott
  205. Sclerolaena patenticuspis (R.H.Anderson) Ulbr.
  206. Sclerolaena ramsayae (J.H.Willis) A.J.Scott
  207. Sclerolaena ramulosa (C.T.White) A.J.Scott
  208. Sclerolaena recurvicuspis (W.Fitzg.) Domin
  209. Sclerolaena scrymgeouriae (Ising) A.J.Scott
  210. Sclerolaena spinosa (Ewart & O.B.Davies) A.J.Scott
  211. Sclerolaena stylosa (Ising) A.J.Scott
  212. Sclerolaena symoniana (Ising) A.J.Scott
  213. Sclerolaena tatei (F.Muell.) A.J.Scott
  214. Sclerolaena tetracuspis (C.T.White) A.J.Scott
  215. Sclerolaena tricuspis (F.Muell.) Ulbr.
  216. Sclerolaena tridens (F.Muell.) Domin
  217. Sclerolaena tubata (R.H.Anderson) A.J.Scott
  218. Sclerolaena uniflora R.Br.
  219. Sclerolaena urceolata (Ising) A.J.Scott
  220. Sclerolaena ventricosa (J.M.Black) A.J.Scott
  221. Sclerolaena walkeri (C.T.White) A.J.Scott
  222. Sclerolaena wilsonii (Ising) A.J.Scott
  223. Sclerolaena x caput-casuarii (J.H.Willis) A.J.Scott
  224. Sclerolaena x georgei (Ising) A.J.Scott
  225. Stelligera A.J.Scott
  226. Stelligera endecaspinis A.J.Scott
  227. Threlkeldia R.Br.
  228. Threlkeldia proceriflora F.Muell.

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