Vascular Plants

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Bailey, F.M. in Meston, A. (ed.) (1889), Botany of the Bellenden-Ker Expedition. Report of the Government Scientific Expedition to the Bellenden-Ker Range upon the Flora and Fauna of that part of the Colony : 29-80 (Section) Bailey, F.M. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Alsophila capensis (L.f.) J.Sm.
  2. Aspidium acuminatum Willd.
  3. Aspidium acuminatum var. villosum F.M.Bailey
  4. Aspidium ramosum var. lineare F.M.Bailey
  5. Asplenium hookerianum var. [unnamed]
  6. Bacularia palmeriana F.M.Bailey
  7. Bambusa moreheadiana F.M.Bailey
  8. Blechnum whelanii F.M.Bailey
  9. Bristle-bearing Filmy Fern
  10. Bulbophyllum toressae F.M.Bailey
  11. Cananga odorata (Lam.) Hook.f. & Thomson
  12. Canavalia obtusifolia DC.
  13. Carica L.
  14. Carica papaya L.
  15. Citrus inodora F.M.Bailey
  16. Clerodendrum inerme (L.) Gaertn.
  17. Cucumis trigonus Roxb.
  18. Cyanocarpus F.M.Bailey
  19. Cyanocarpus nortoniana F.M.Bailey
  20. Cyathula Blume
  21. Cyathula prostrata (L.) Blume
  22. Denhamia viridissima F.M.Bailey & F.Muell.
  23. Derris koolgibberah F.M.Bailey
  24. Drimys membranacea F.M.Bailey
  25. Euodia accedens Blume
  26. Ficus crassipes F.M.Bailey
  27. Garcinia L.
  28. Garcinia mestonii F.M.Bailey
  29. Gouania australiana F.Muell.
  30. Harpullia frutescens F.M.Bailey
  31. Helicia whelanii F.M.Bailey
  32. Hibbertia velutina R.Br. ex Benth.
  33. Hymenophyllum trichomanoides F.M.Bailey
  34. Hymenophyllum tunbrigense (L.) Sm.
  35. Hymenophyllum tunbrigense var. exsertum F.M.Bailey
  36. Leptospermum wooroonooran F.M.Bailey
  37. Lomaria patersonii (R.Br.) Spreng.
  38. Melia composita Willd.
  39. Melicope chooreechillum F.M.Bailey
  40. Meston's Mangosteen
  41. Micromelum pubescens Blume
  42. Monotoca lineata R.Br.
  43. Myrtus ? F.M.Bailey
  44. North Queensland Lime
  45. Oberonia pusilla F.M.Bailey
  46. Omphalea L.
  47. Omphalea queenslandiae F.M.Bailey
  48. Orites fragrans F.M.Bailey
  49. Panicum trichoides Sw.
  50. Paspalum pubescens R.Br.
  51. Piper mestonii F.M.Bailey
  52. Pogonatherum P.Beauv.
  53. Pogonatherum saccharoideum P.Beauv.
  54. Polypodium albosetosum F.M.Bailey
  55. Pteris aquilina var. lanuginosa (Bory ex Willd.) Hook.
  56. Queensland Climbing Bamboo
  57. Queensland Long Pepper
  58. Ricinus communis L.
  59. Rubus moluccanus L.
  60. Scaevola scandens F.M.Bailey
  61. Snakewood
  62. Sorghum laxiflorum F.M.Bailey
  63. Strychnos bancroftiana F.M.Bailey
  64. Tapeinochilos pungens (Teijsm. & Binn.) Miq.
  65. Trichomanes minutum Blume
  66. Trichomanes pallidum Blume
  67. Trichomanes proliferum Blume
  68. Uncaria Schreb.
  69. Uncaria ferrea (Blume) DC.
  70. Vallisneria gracilis F.M.Bailey
  71. Vittaria wooroonooran F.M.Bailey

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