Vascular Plants

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Ewart, A.J., White, J.R. & Tovey, J.R. (1908), Contributions to the Flora of Australia. Journal and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales 42 : 184-200 BHL (Paper) Ewart, A.J., White, J.R. & Tovey, J.R. Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Baeckea maideni Ewart & Jean White
  2. Baeckea maidenii Ewart & Jean White
  3. Danthonia airoides (Nees) Nees
  4. Datura metel L.
  5. Elaeocarpus kirtonii F.Muell. ex F.M.Bailey
  6. Elaeocarpus reticulata var. kirtoni Ewart & Jean White
  7. Elaeocarpus reticulatus var. kirtonii (F.Muell. ex F.M.Bailey) Ewart & Jean White
  8. Elaeocarpus reticulatus Sm. var. reticulatus
  9. Eremophila kochi Ewart
  10. Eremophila kochii Ewart
  11. Eremophila woollsiana var. dentata Ewart & Jean White
  12. Eremophila woollsiana F.Muell. var. woollsiana
  13. Galenia secunda (L.f.) Sond.
  14. Gastrolobium forrestii Ewart
  15. Helipterum album Ewart
  16. Helipterum heteranthum var. minor Ewart & Jean White
  17. Isotropis atropurpurea var. alba Ewart
  18. Isotropis atropurpurea F.Muell. var. atropurpurea
  19. Moraea xerospatha MacOwan ex Baker
  20. Oxalis tetraphylla Cav.
  21. Podocoma nana Ewart & Jean White
  22. Pterostylis constricta O.H.Sarg.
  23. Pterostylis praecox Lindl.
  24. Pterostylis reflexa var. constricta (O.H.Sarg.) Ewart & Jean White
  25. Pterostylis reflexa var. praecox (Lindl.) Ewart & Jean White
  26. Ptilotus calostachyus var. kennediae Ewart & Jean White
  27. Ptilotus kennediae Ewart & Jean White
  28. Salicornia donaldsoni Ewart & Jean White
  29. Salicornia donaldsonii Ewart & Jean White
  30. Salicornia lylei Ewart & Jean White
  31. Tetratheca hirsuta var. alba Ewart & Jean White
  32. Tetratheca hirsuta Lindl. var. hirsuta
  33. Tillaea acuminata Reader
  34. Tillaea sieberiana var. acuminata (Reader) Ewart & Jean White
  35. Tillaea sieberiana Schult. & Schult.f. var. sieberiana
  36. Viola tricolor L.
  37. Zygophyllum ovatum Ewart & Jean White

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