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Wilson, Paul G. (24 July 1980), A revision of the Australian species of Salicornieae (Chenopodiaceae). Nuytsia 3(1) : 3-154 (Paper) Wilson, Paul G. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Arthrocnemum arbusculum (R.Br.) Moq.
  2. Arthrocnemum australasicum (Moq.) Moss
  3. Arthrocnemum benthamii Paulsen
  4. Arthrocnemum bidens Nees
  5. Arthrocnemum donaldsonii (Ewart & Jean White) C.A.Gardner
  6. Arthrocnemum halocnemoides Nees
  7. Arthrocnemum halocnemoides var. pergranulatum J.M.Black
  8. Arthrocnemum halocnemoides var. pterygospermum J.M.Black
  9. Arthrocnemum heptiflorum Moss ex Fourc.
  10. Arthrocnemum heptiflorum Moss
  11. Arthrocnemum indicum (Willd.) Moq.
  12. Arthrocnemum leiostachyum (Benth.) Paulsen
  13. Arthrocnemum lylei (Ewart & Jean White) J.M.Black
  14. Arthrocnemum pruinosum Paulsen
  15. Arthrocnemum sect. Leiosperma J.M.Black
  16. Arthrocnemum sect. Trachysperma J.M.Black
  17. Arthrocnemum subg. Angianthemum Moss
  18. Arthrocnemum triandrum F.Muell.
  19. Halocnemum arbuscula (R.Br.) F.M.Bailey
  20. Halosarcia Paul G.Wilson
  21. Halosarcia auriculata Paul G.Wilson
  22. Halosarcia bulbosa Paul G.Wilson
  23. Halosarcia calyptrata Paul G.Wilson
  24. Halosarcia chartacea Paul G.Wilson
  25. Halosarcia cupuliformis Paul G.Wilson
  26. Halosarcia doleiformis Paul G.Wilson
  27. Halosarcia entrichoma Paul G.Wilson
  28. Halosarcia fimbriata Paul G.Wilson
  29. Halosarcia flabelliformis Paul G.Wilson
  30. Halosarcia fontinalis Paul G.Wilson
  31. Halosarcia halocnemoides (Nees) Paul G.Wilson
  32. Halosarcia halocnemoides subsp. catenulata Paul G.Wilson
  33. Halosarcia halocnemoides subsp. caudata Paul G.Wilson
  34. Halosarcia halocnemoides (Nees) Paul G.Wilson subsp. halocnemoides
  35. Halosarcia halocnemoides subsp. longispicata Paul G.Wilson
  36. Halosarcia halocnemoides subsp. tenuis Paul G.Wilson
  37. Halosarcia indica (Willd.) Paul G.Wilson
  38. Halosarcia indica subsp. bidens (Nees) Paul G.Wilson
  39. Halosarcia indica (Willd.) Paul G.Wilson subsp. indica
  40. Halosarcia indica subsp. julacea Paul G.Wilson
  41. Halosarcia indica subsp. leiostachya (Benth.) Paul G.Wilson
  42. Halosarcia lepidosperma Paul G.Wilson
  43. Halosarcia leptoclada Paul G.Wilson
  44. Halosarcia leptoclada subsp. inclusa Paul G.Wilson
  45. Halosarcia leptoclada Paul G.Wilson subsp. leptoclada
  46. Halosarcia lylei (Ewart & Jean White) Paul G.Wilson
  47. Halosarcia nitida Paul G.Wilson
  48. Halosarcia peltata Paul G.Wilson
  49. Halosarcia pergranulata (J.M.Black) Paul G.Wilson
  50. Halosarcia pergranulata subsp. divaricata Paul G.Wilson
  51. Halosarcia pergranulata subsp. elongata Paul G.Wilson
  52. Halosarcia pergranulata (J.M.Black) Paul G.Wilson subsp. pergranulata
  53. Halosarcia pergranulata subsp. queenslandica Paul G.Wilson
  54. Halosarcia pluriflora Paul G.Wilson
  55. Halosarcia pruinosa (Paulsen) Paul G.Wilson
  56. Halosarcia pterygosperma (J.M.Black) Paul G.Wilson
  57. Halosarcia pterygosperma subsp. denticulata Paul G.Wilson
  58. Halosarcia pterygosperma (J.M.Black) Paul G.Wilson subsp. pterygosperma
  59. Halosarcia syncarpa Paul G.Wilson
  60. Halosarcia undulata Paul G.Wilson
  61. Halosarcia Paul G.Wilson x Tegicornia uniflora Paul G.Wilson
  62. Pachycornia Hook.f.
  63. Pachycornia arbuscula (R.Br.) A.J.Scott
  64. Pachycornia robusta Baill.
  65. Pachycornia tenuis (Benth.) J.M.Black
  66. Pachycornia triandra (F.Muell.) J.M.Black
  67. Salicornia L.
  68. Salicornia arbuscula R.Br.
  69. Salicornia australis Sol. ex F.Muell.
  70. Salicornia australis Sol. ex Benth.
  71. Salicornia bidens (Nees) Benth.
  72. Salicornia blackiana Ulbr.
  73. Salicornia donaldsonii Ewart & Jean White
  74. Salicornia indica Willd.
  75. Salicornia leiostachya Benth.
  76. Salicornia lylei Ewart & Jean White
  77. Salicornia pachystachya J.M.Black
  78. Salicornia quinqueflora Bunge ex Ung.-Sternb.
  79. Salicornia robusta F.Muell.
  80. Salicornia subg. Arthrocnemoides Ung.-Sternb.
  81. Salicornia tenuis Benth.
  82. Salicornia triandra (F.Muell.) Druce
  83. Sarcathria indica (Willd.) Raf.
  84. Sarcocornia A.J.Scott
  85. Sarcocornia blackiana (Ulbr.) A.J.Scott
  86. Sarcocornia globosa Paul G.Wilson
  87. Sarcocornia quinqueflora (Bunge ex Ung.-Sternb.) A.J.Scott
  88. Sarcocornia quinqueflora (Bunge ex Ung.-Sternb.) A.J.Scott subsp. quinqueflora
  89. Sarcocornia quinqueflora subsp. tasmanica Paul G.Wilson
  90. Sclerostegia Paul G.Wilson
  91. Sclerostegia arbuscula (R.Br.) Paul G.Wilson
  92. Sclerostegia disarticulata Paul G.Wilson
  93. Sclerostegia medullosa Paul G.Wilson
  94. Sclerostegia moniliformis Paul G.Wilson
  95. Sclerostegia tenuis (Benth.) Paul G.Wilson
  96. Tegicornia Paul G.Wilson
  97. Tegicornia uniflora Paul G.Wilson
  98. Urocarpus niveus Paul G.Wilson

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