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Barlow, B.A. (1992), Conspectus of the genus Amyema Tieghem (Loranthaceae). Blumea 36(2) : 293-381 (Paper) Barlow, B.A. Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Amyema Tiegh.
  2. Amyema angularis Barlow
  3. Amyema benthamii (Blakely) Danser
  4. Amyema bifurcata (Benth.) Tiegh.
  5. Amyema bifurcata var. eburna Barlow
  6. Amyema biniflora Barlow
  7. Amyema cambagei (Blakely) Danser
  8. Amyema cephalanthera Danser
  9. Amyema congener (Sieber ex Schult. & Schult.f.) Tiegh.
  10. Amyema conspicua (F.M.Bailey) Danser
  11. Amyema conspicua (F.M.Bailey) Danser subsp. conspicua
  12. Amyema conspicua subsp. obscurinervis Barlow
  13. Amyema dolichopoda Barlow
  14. Amyema duurenii Barlow
  15. Amyema eburna (Barlow) Barlow
  16. Amyema fitzgeraldii (Blakely) Danser
  17. Amyema friesiana (K.Schum.) Danser
  18. Amyema gaudichaudii (DC.) Tiegh.
  19. Amyema gibberula (Tate) Danser
  20. Amyema gibberula (Tate) Danser var. gibberula
  21. Amyema gibberula var. tatei (Blakely) Barlow
  22. Amyema glabra (Domin) Danser
  23. Amyema haematodes (O.Schwarz) Danser
  24. Amyema herbertiana Barlow
  25. Amyema hilliana (Blakely) Danser
  26. Amyema incarnatiflora (Elmer) Danser
  27. Amyema involvens Barlow
  28. Amyema linophylla (Fenzl) Tiegh.
  29. Amyema linophylla (Fenzl) Tiegh. subsp. linophylla
  30. Amyema linophylla subsp. orientalis Barlow
  31. Amyema lucasii (Blakely) Danser
  32. Amyema mackayensis (Blakely) Danser
  33. Amyema mackayensis subsp. cycnei-sinus (Blakely) Barlow
  34. Amyema maidenii (Blakely) Barlow
  35. Amyema maidenii subsp. angustifolia Barlow
  36. Amyema melaleucae (Lehm. ex Miq.) Tiegh.
  37. Amyema microphylla Barlow
  38. Amyema microphyllum Barlow
  39. Amyema miquelii (Lehm. ex Miq.) Tiegh.
  40. Amyema miraculosa (Miq.) Tiegh.
  41. Amyema miraculosa subsp. boormanii (Blakely) Barlow
  42. Amyema miraculosa (Miq.) Tiegh. subsp. miraculosa
  43. Amyema nestor (S.Moore) Danser
  44. Amyema novaebritanniae (K.Schum.) Danser
  45. Amyema obovata Danser
  46. Amyema ovariosa Danser
  47. Amyema pendula (Sieber ex Spreng.) Tiegh.
  48. Amyema pendula subsp. longifolia (Hook.) Barlow
  49. Amyema pendula (Sieber ex Spreng.) Tiegh. subsp. pendula
  50. Amyema pentactis Danser
  51. Amyema plicatula (K.Krause) Danser
  52. Amyema preissii (Miq.) Tiegh.
  53. Amyema pyriformis Barlow
  54. Amyema quandang (Lindl.) Tiegh.
  55. Amyema quaternifolia Barlow
  56. Amyema queenslandica (Blakely) Danser
  57. Amyema sanguinea (F.Muell.) Danser
  58. Amyema sanguinea var. pulchra (Ewart) Barlow
  59. Amyema sanguinea (F.Muell.) Danser var. sanguinea
  60. Amyema scandens (Tiegh.) Danser
  61. Amyema scandens subsp. plicatula (K.Krause) Barlow
  62. Amyema schultzei (K.Krause) Danser
  63. Amyema seemeniana (K.Schum.) Danser
  64. Amyema seemeniana subsp. flexuosa Barlow
  65. Amyema subcapitata Barlow
  66. Amyema thalassia Barlow
  67. Amyema tridactyla Barlow
  68. Amyema villiflora (Domin) Barlow
  69. Amyema whitei (Blakely) Danser
  70. Loranthus benthamii Blakely
  71. Loranthus bifurcatus Benth.
  72. Loranthus cambagei Blakely
  73. Loranthus congener Sieber ex Schult. & Schult.f.
  74. Loranthus conspicuus F.M.Bailey
  75. Loranthus cycnei-sinus Blakely
  76. Loranthus fitzgeraldii Blakely
  77. Loranthus friesianus K.Schum.
  78. Loranthus gaudichaudii DC.
  79. Loranthus gibberulus Tate
  80. Loranthus glaber Domin
  81. Loranthus haematodes O.Schwarz
  82. Loranthus hillianus Blakely
  83. Loranthus incarnatiflorus Elmer
  84. Loranthus linophyllus Fenzl
  85. Loranthus lucasii Blakely
  86. Loranthus mackayensis Blakely
  87. Loranthus maidenii Blakely
  88. Loranthus melaleucae Lehm. ex Miq.
  89. Loranthus miquelii Lehm. ex Miq.
  90. Loranthus miraculosus Miq.
  91. Loranthus nestor S.Moore
  92. Loranthus novabritanniae K.Schum.
  93. Loranthus pendulus Sieber ex Spreng.
  94. Loranthus plicatulus K.Krause
  95. Loranthus preissii Miq.
  96. Loranthus preslii Elmer
  97. Loranthus quandang Lindl.
  98. Loranthus quandang var. villiflorus Domin
  99. Loranthus queenslandicus Blakely
  100. Loranthus sanguineus F.Muell.
  101. Loranthus schultzei K.Krause
  102. Loranthus seemenianus K.Schum.
  103. Loranthus whitei Blakely
  104. Neophylum scandens Tiegh.
  105. Wire-leaf Mistletoe

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