Vascular Plants

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Alexander, W.B., Lane-Poole, C.E. & Herbert, D.A. (1920), Lists of the principal indigenous West Australian plants of economic importance and of naturalised aliens and weeds established in the state, with their vernacular name. Journal and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Western Australia 6(1) : 41-46 (Paper) Alexander, W.B., Lane-Poole, C.E. & Herbert, D.A. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Aira minuta L.
  2. Barbarea praecox (Sm.) W.T.Aiton
  3. Bromus maximus Desf.
  4. Chloris gayana Kunth
  5. Ehrharta calycina Sm.
  6. Erythraea centaurium (L.) Borkh.
  7. Fairy Grass
  8. Homeria collina (Thunb.) Salisb.
  9. Homeria miniata (Andrews) Sweet
  10. Lolium italicum A.Braun
  11. Lupinus hirsutus L.
  12. Lycium horridum Thunb.
  13. Olea europaea L.
  14. Opuntia monacantha Haw.
  15. Secale cereale L.
  16. Trifolium dubium Sibth.
  17. Trifolium fragiferum L.
  18. Trifolium incarnatum L.
  19. Trifolium striatum L.
  20. Triticum sativum Lam.
  21. Vicia sepium L.

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