Vascular Plants

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Gardner, C.A. (1943), Contributiones Florae Australiae Occidentalis, XI. Journal of the Royal Society of Western Australia 27 : 165-210 BHL (Paper) Gardner, C.A. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Acacia aurea C.A.Gardner
  2. Acacia daviesioides C.A.Gardner
  3. Acacia wiseana C.A.Gardner
  4. Acacia yorkrakinensis C.A.Gardner
  5. Anthotroche myoporoides C.A.Gardner
  6. Astartea clavifolia C.A.Gardner
  7. Baeckea leptospermoides C.A.Gardner
  8. Blackallia C.A.Gardner
  9. Blackallia biloba C.A.Gardner
  10. Blackallia connata (C.A.Gardner) C.A.Gardner
  11. Calythropsis C.A.Gardner
  12. Calythropsis aurea C.A.Gardner
  13. Casuarina pinaster C.A.Gardner
  14. Chorilaena hassellii F.Muell.
  15. Croton clutioides G.Forst.
  16. Cryptandra connata C.A.Gardner
  17. Cryptandra grandiflora C.A.Gardner
  18. Darwinia meeboldii C.A.Gardner
  19. Dicrastyles flexuosa C.A.Gardner
  20. Dicrastylis flexuosa (W.R.Price) C.A.Gardner
  21. Eremophila inflata C.A.Gardner
  22. Eremophila lachnocalyx C.A.Gardner
  23. Eremophila macmillaniana C.A.Gardner
  24. Eremophila miniata C.A.Gardner
  25. Eremophila spectabilis C.A.Gardner
  26. Eremophila virens C.A.Gardner
  27. Eucalyptus brockwayi C.A.Gardner
  28. Eucalyptus formani C.A.Gardner
  29. Eucalyptus formanii C.A.Gardner
  30. Eucalyptus megacornuta C.A.Gardner
  31. Eucalyptus x brachyphylla C.A.Gardner
  32. Eugenia stokesii C.A.Gardner
  33. Euphorbia boophthona C.A.Gardner
  34. Euphorbia clutioides C.A.Gardner
  35. Euphorbia eremophila A.Cunn.
  36. Euphorbia tannensis Spreng.
  37. Euphorbia vieillardii Baill.
  38. Gastrolobium bennettsianum C.A.Gardner
  39. Gastrolobium glaucum C.A.Gardner
  40. Gastrolobium pauciflorum C.A.Gardner
  41. Gastrolobium seorsifolium F.Muell.
  42. Gompholobium obcordatum Turcz. var. obcordatum
  43. Gompholobium obcordatum var. pachyphyllum C.A.Gardner
  44. Goodenia hilliana C.A.Gardner
  45. Grevillea candicans C.A.Gardner
  46. Grevillea dielsiana C.A.Gardner
  47. Grevillea nana C.A.Gardner
  48. Grevillea obliquistigma C.A.Gardner
  49. Grevillea rufa C.A.Gardner
  50. Hakea stenocarpoides Benth.
  51. Hemigenia coccinea C.A.Gardner
  52. Hemigenia divaricata C.A.Gardner
  53. Kochia thesioides C.A.Gardner
  54. Labichea eremaea C.A.Gardner
  55. Labichea teretifolia C.A.Gardner
  56. Mirbelia densiflora C.A.Gardner
  57. Mirbelia longifolia C.A.Gardner
  58. Mirbelia racemosa Turcz.
  59. Mirbelia seorsifolia (F.Muell.) C.A.Gardner
  60. Mirbelia taxifolia C.A.Gardner
  61. Muiria C.A.Gardner
  62. Muiria hassellii (F.Muell.) C.A.Gardner
  63. Muiriantha C.A.Gardner
  64. Muiriantha hassellii (F.Muell.) C.A.Gardner
  65. Oxylobium racemosum (Turcz.) C.A.Gardner
  66. Phebalium ambiguum C.A.Gardner
  67. Phebalium clavatum C.A.Gardner
  68. Phebalium lineare C.A.Gardner
  69. Pityrodia flexuosa W.R.Price
  70. Pityrodia maculata C.A.Gardner
  71. Prostanthera magnifica C.A.Gardner
  72. Prostanthera magnifica var. asperata C.A.Gardner
  73. Prostanthera magnifica C.A.Gardner var. magnifica
  74. Strangea stenocarpoides (F.Muell. ex Benth.) C.A.Gardner
  75. Stylidium galioides C.A.Gardner
  76. Stylidium laciniatum C.A.Gardner
  77. Trichinium albidum C.A.Gardner
  78. Triodia wiseana C.A.Gardner
  79. Verticordia etheliana C.A.Gardner

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