Vascular Plants

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Mueller, F.J.H. von (May 1888), Supplement to the enumeration of Victorian plants, comprising the species added since Part II. of the key to the system of our native vegetation was published, with addition of a few species inadvertently before omitted. The Victorian Naturalist 5(1) : 14-16 BHL (Paper) Mueller, F.J.H. von Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Acacia linifolia (Vent.) Willd.
  2. Acacia mollissima Willd.
  3. Adiantum diaphanum Blume
  4. Ammobium alatum R.Br.
  5. Andropogon affinis R.Br.
  6. Anthocercis albicans A.Cunn.
  7. Aspidium tenerum (R.Br.) Spreng.
  8. Aster dentatus Andrews
  9. Aster lepidophyllus Pers.
  10. Backhousia myrtifolia Hook. & Harv.
  11. Cabomba peltata F.Muell.
  12. Callistemon linearis (Schrad. & J.C.Wendl.) Colvill ex Sweet
  13. Casuarina paludosa Sieber ex Spreng.
  14. Darwinia micropetala (F.Muell.) Benth.
  15. Darwinia micropetata F.Muell.
  16. Desmodium brachypodum A.Gray
  17. Dianella caerulea Sims
  18. Diuris alba R.Br.
  19. Dodonaea lobulata F.Muell.
  20. Epacris crassifolia R.Br.
  21. Eriostemon capitatus F.Muell.
  22. Fimbristylis ferruginea (L.) Vahl
  23. Gentiana quadrifaria Blume
  24. Glossogyne tenuifolia (Labill.) Cass. ex Less.
  25. Glossostigma drummondii Benth.
  26. Goodenia pusilliflora F.Muell.
  27. Hakea macraeana F.Muell.
  28. Hakea macreana F.Muell.
  29. Hakea saligna (Andrews) Knight
  30. Haloragis baeuerleni F.Muell.
  31. Haloragis baeuerlenii F.Muell.
  32. Helichrysum adenophorum F.Muell.
  33. Hypolepis tenuifolia (G.Forst.) Bernh. ex C.Presl
  34. Jacksonia clarkei F.Muell.
  35. Jacksonia clarkii F.Muell.
  36. Kochia microphylla (Moq.) F.Muell.
  37. Kunzea capitata (Sm.) Heynh.
  38. Kunzea parvifolia Schauer
  39. Muehlenbeckia gracillima Meisn.
  40. Newcastelia dixonii F.Muell. & Tate
  41. Notothixos subaureus Oliv.
  42. Opercularia hispida Spreng.
  43. Oxylobium trilobum (Sm.) Benth.
  44. Persoonia revoluta Sieber ex Spreng.
  45. Philhydrum lanuginosum F.Muell.
  46. Philydrum lanuginosum Banks ex Gaertn.
  47. Phyllanthus thesioides Benth.
  48. Phyllanthus thesoides F.Muell.
  49. Pimelea hypericina A.Cunn.
  50. Podolepis rhytidochlamys F.Muell.
  51. Podolepis rutidochlamys F.Muell.
  52. Potamogeton lucens L.
  53. Prostanthera saxicola R.Br.
  54. Psilotum triquetrum Sw.
  55. Pterostylis pedoglossa Fitzg.
  56. Schoenus ericetorum R.Br.
  57. Sida intricata F.Muell.
  58. Sium erectum Huds.
  59. Styphelia appressa (R.Br.) Spreng.
  60. Styphelia attenuata (A.Cunn.) F.Muell.
  61. Styphelia costata F.Muell.
  62. Styphelia esquamata (R.Br.) Spreng.
  63. Styphelia microphylla (Cav.) Spreng.
  64. Thelymitra epipactoides F.Muell.
  65. Thelymitra fuscolutea R.Br.
  66. Tricoryne simplex R.Br.
  67. Xanthosia atkinsoniana F.Muell.
  68. Zornia diphylla (L.) Pers.

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