Vascular Plants

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Blume, C.(K.)L. von (1828), Enumeratio Plantarum Javae 2 : null - null (Section) Blume, C.(K.)L. von Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Acrostichum callaefolium Blume
  2. Acrostichum callifolium Blume
  3. Acrostichum repandum Blume
  4. Adiantum diaphanum Blume
  5. Antrophyum callaefolium Blume
  6. Antrophyum callifolium Blume
  7. Antrophyum semicostatum Blume
  8. Arachniodes Blume
  9. Aspidium aesculifolium Blume
  10. Aspidium extensum Blume
  11. Aspidium giganteum Blume
  12. Aspidium heterocarpum Blume
  13. Aspidium immersum Blume
  14. Aspidium melanocaulon Blume
  15. Aspidium rufescens Blume
  16. Aspidium subpubescens Blume
  17. Asplenium longissimum Blume
  18. Asplenium pallidum Blume
  19. Blechnum imbricatum Blume
  20. Bruguiera cylindrica (L.) Blume
  21. Cheilanthes setigera Blume
  22. Commelina auriculata Blume
  23. Cyathea celebica Blume
  24. Davallia trichomanoides Blume
  25. Dianella odorata Blume
  26. Diplazium accedens Blume
  27. Diplazium cordifolium Blume
  28. Diplazium dilatatum Blume
  29. Diplazium polypodioides Blume
  30. Gleichenia longissima Blume
  31. Grammitis decurrens Blume
  32. Grammitis membranacea Blume
  33. Grammitis reinwardtii Blume
  34. Gymnosphaera Blume
  35. Hanguana Blume
  36. Leptochilus decurrens Blume
  37. Lomaria elongata Blume
  38. Lomaria vestita Blume
  39. Lomaria vulcanica Blume
  40. Lycopodium proliferum Blume
  41. Niphobolus puberulus Blume
  42. Oleandra musifolia Blume
  43. Ophioglossum sect. Ophioderma Blume
  44. Podocarpus amara Blume
  45. Podocarpus amarus Blume
  46. Polypodium accedens Blume
  47. Polypodium nigrescens Blume
  48. Polypodium subauriculatum Blume
  49. Polypodium superficiale Blume
  50. Polypodium tenuisectum Blume
  51. Pontederia dubia Blume
  52. Pteris aurita Blume
  53. Pteris revoluta Blume
  54. Rhizophora cylindrica L.
  55. Smilax leucophylla Blume
  56. Trichomanes javanicum Blume
  57. Trichomanes maximum Blume
  58. Trichomanes minutum Blume
  59. Trichomanes obscurum Blume
  60. Trichomanes pallidum Blume
  61. Trichomanes proliferum Blume
  62. Vittaria pusilla Blume

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