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Danser, B.H. (1929), On the taxonomy and nomenclature of the Loranthaceae of Asia and Australia. Bulletin du Jardin Botanique de Buitenzorg ser. 3, 10(3) : 291-373 (Paper) Danser, B.H. Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Amyema acacioides (A.Cunn. ex Benth.) Danser
  2. Amyema alyxifolia (Benth.) Danser
  3. Amyema benthami Danser
  4. Amyema benthamii (Blakely) Danser
  5. Amyema betchei (Blakely) Danser
  6. Amyema brevipes (Tiegh.) Danser
  7. Amyema cambagei (Blakely) Danser
  8. Amyema conspicua (F.M.Bailey) Danser
  9. Amyema cycnei-sinus (Blakely) Danser
  10. Amyema ferruginiflora (W.Fitzg.) Danser
  11. Amyema fitzgeraldii (Blakely) Danser
  12. Amyema friesiana (K.Schum.) Danser
  13. Amyema gibberula (Tate) Danser
  14. Amyema glabra (Domin) Danser
  15. Amyema hilliana (Blakely) Danser
  16. Amyema incarnatiflora (Elmer) Danser
  17. Amyema lucasi Danser
  18. Amyema lucasii (Blakely) Danser
  19. Amyema mackayensis (Blakely) Danser
  20. Amyema muelleri (Tiegh.) Danser
  21. Amyema nestor (S.Moore) Danser
  22. Amyema novaebritanniae (K.Schum.) Danser
  23. Amyema obliqua (Blakely) Danser
  24. Amyema plicatula (K.Krause) Danser
  25. Amyema queenslandica (Blakely) Danser
  26. Amyema sanguinea (F.Muell.) Danser
  27. Amyema scandens (Tiegh.) Danser
  28. Amyema schultzei (K.Krause) Danser
  29. Amyema seemeniana (K.Schum.) Danser
  30. Amyema whitei (Blakely) Danser
  31. Amylotheca amplexans (Tiegh. ex Blakely) Danser
  32. Amylotheca biangulata (W.Fitzg.) Danser
  33. Amylotheca britteni Danser
  34. Amylotheca brittenii (Blakely) Danser
  35. Amylotheca insularum (A.Gray) Danser
  36. Amylotheca pyramidata (Tiegh.) Danser
  37. Amylotheca triflora (Span.) Danser
  38. Amylotheca versteegii (Lauterb.) Danser
  39. Barathranthus Danser
  40. Dactyliophora novae-guineae (F.M.Bailey) Danser
  41. Dendrophthoe homoplastica (Blakely) Danser
  42. Dendrophthoe leptopetala (Blume) Danser
  43. Dicymanthes Danser
  44. Diplatia maidenii (Blakely) Danser
  45. Loranthus acacioides A.Cunn. ex Benth.
  46. Loranthus alyxifolius F.Muell. ex Benth.
  47. Loranthus amplexans Tiegh. ex Blakely
  48. Loranthus benthamii Blakely
  49. Loranthus betchei Blakely
  50. Loranthus biangulatus W.Fitzg.
  51. Loranthus brittenii Blakely
  52. Loranthus cambagei Blakely
  53. Loranthus conspicuus F.M.Bailey
  54. Loranthus cycnei-sinus Blakely
  55. Loranthus eucalyptoides DC.
  56. Loranthus ferruginiflorus W.Fitzg.
  57. Loranthus fitzgeraldii Blakely
  58. Loranthus friesianus K.Schum.
  59. Loranthus gibberulus Tate
  60. Loranthus glaber Domin
  61. Loranthus hillianus Blakely
  62. Loranthus homoplasticus Blakely
  63. Loranthus incarnatiflorus Elmer
  64. Loranthus insularum A.Gray
  65. Loranthus leptopetalus Blume
  66. Loranthus lucasii Blakely
  67. Loranthus mackayensis Blakely
  68. Loranthus maidenii Blakely
  69. Loranthus nestor S.Moore
  70. Loranthus novabritanniae K.Schum.
  71. Loranthus novae-guineae F.M.Bailey
  72. Loranthus obliquus Blakely
  73. Loranthus plicatulus K.Krause
  74. Loranthus queenslandicus Blakely
  75. Loranthus sanguineus F.Muell.
  76. Loranthus schultzei K.Krause
  77. Loranthus seemenianus K.Schum.
  78. Loranthus whitei Blakely
  79. Neophylum scandens Tiegh.
  80. Phrygilanthus eucalyptoides (DC.) Danser
  81. Pilostigma brevipes Tiegh.
  82. Pilostigma muelleri Tiegh.

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